Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Financial landlords own four times more rental units than previously thought

New research indicates that a small percentage of financial landlords, like private equity firms and institutional investors, own four times more of Montreal’s rental housing stock than was previously estimated...

Peak care for youth mental health at UCalgary-supported The Summit

It’s called The Summit, a most fitting name for a place where research into the mental health of young people will reach new heights.

Western increases financial and staff support for graduate students

Western is continuing to ramp up support for graduate students hit hard by inflation and rising housing costs, offering additional needs-based funding, tripling its off-campus housing staff and adding new graduate student support services.

Public Intellectuals Project gives students the chance to change the world

A new website is giving students at McMaster an opportunity to flex their intellectual muscles and take their writing beyond the walls of the university — all in the service of providing rigorous...

UCalgary recognized as one of Canada’s best employers

The University of Calgary has been named one of Canada’s Best Employers of 2023 by Forbes, recognizing the university’s commitment to fostering a workplace of excellent employment experiences and opportunities.

Brian Coombes elected fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology

The American Academy of Microbiology (AAM) has elected McMaster University’s Brian Coombes to its 2023 class of fellows.

Top Canadian honours for two field-leading researchers

Claire Davies and Praveen Jain win the Killam Fellowship and Killam Prize, two of Canada’s most competitive research honours.

Emergency department visits for attempted suicides rose globally among youth during...

Even though paediatric emergency department visits decreased greatly overall during the COVID-19 pandemic, a newly published study led out of the University of Calgary shows there...

Chat-GPT is the tree that hides the forest

Until recently, the debate over the promises and risks of large language models was mostly taking place in tech circles.

Midwifery care safe for moderate- and high-risk pregnancies

New UBC research shows that midwives in British Columbia are providing safe primary care for pregnancies of all medical risk levels, contrary to a popular belief that midwives mostly manage low-risk pregnancies.
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