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Crocodile evolution rebooted by Ice Age glaciations

Researchers discover impacts of Ice Age sea level changes in the genomes of Caribbean and Pacific crocodiles in Panama...

Astronomers uncover mysterious origins of ‘super-Earths’

Study shows super-Earths are not leftovers of mini-Neptunes, challenging our understanding of planetary formation.

LSD may offer viable treatment for certain mental disorders

Researchers from McGill University have discovered, for the first time, one of the possible mechanisms that contributes to the ability of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) to increase social interaction.

Methane emissions from abandoned oil and gas wells underestimated

A recent McGill study published inEnvironmental Science and Technology finds that annual methane emissions from abandoned oil and gas (AOG) wells in Canada and the US...

New tool gauges impacts of warming waters on over 200 fish...

Warming ocean waters could reduce the ability of fish, especially large ones, to extract the oxygen they need from their environment.

Researchers at University of Toronto, Northwestern use AI to accelerate discovery...

Researchers at the University of Toronto and Northwestern University are using machine learning to craft the best materials for different industrial uses.

University of Alberta virologist awarded Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Michael Houghton was awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine today in recognition of his discovery of the hepatitis C (HCV) virus.

New University of Alberta observatory gives a clear window into the...

A new University of Alberta observatory opening at Miquelon Lake Provincial Park will give area stargazers a cutting-edge way to enjoy the splendour of the night skies.

Identifying Canada’s key conservation hot spots highights problem

To stop biodiversity loss, Canada recently committed to protecting 30% of its land and sea by 2030. But making conservation decisions about where to locate new protected areas is complicated.

Climate change: threshold for dangerous warming will likely be crossed between...

The threshold for dangerous global warming will likely be crossed between 2027 and 2042 – a much narrower window than the Intergovernmental Panel...
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