Exclusive Experience at HKU Virtual Career Fair 2022

The Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) is organising the HKU Virtual Career Fair 2022 from March 1 to 3. 

Professor Samson Tse, Dean of Student Affairs, highlighted: “This is the third year that this annual event is being held virtually, yet it will be a debut of CEDARS’ newly developed virtual fair platform, which is designed to bring participating employers and students a brand new experience.”

“This year, a total of 130 companies and organisations from a wide range of industries will exhibit at the Fair. These employers, who are from Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas, are offering more than 3,000 internship and graduate vacancies to students and graduates, who can instantly apply for jobs via the platform. Employers can meet with students online and can even conduct instant interviews on this new platform.”

Ms Jaime Fung, Director of Careers and Placement, added that “during the Fair, 12 Industry Talks and Career Preparation Webinars will be held, in which employers will share the latest market trends and career preparation tips with students and graduates. In addition, over 160 CV Clinic sessions will be conducted – thanks to the participating employers, whose support throughout these 3 days will definitely help students enhance their CVs and better prepare for job interviews.

As in previous years, Deloitte is one of the employers taking part in the Fair. Ms Winsome Leung, Director Human Resources in the Southern Region of Deloitte China, said that “as one of the largest professional services firms, nurturing talents is always our top priority. We expect that we could inspire HKU students via this platform.”

In light of the continuous pandemic situation, virtual interviews have been emerging in the new era for employers to look for suitable talents to join their companies. Ms Leung pointed out that “candidates should not treat a virtual interview as merely a virtual interview. They should prepare for the interview harder than an onsite interview.” She also gave some tips to students on how they can better equip themselves to outshine and succeed in a virtual interview.

Before the interview:

  • Ensure devices are in good conditions
  • Ensure the space they stay in is quiet, undisturbed and with stable internet connection
  • Dress formally and avoid any clothing with patterns which may look distorted on camera
  • Join the virtual interview earlier than the scheduled time to get familiar with the settings and calm down

During the interview:

  • Maintain eye contact with smile
  • Maintain good postures
  • Speak clearly at a very good pace
  • Be confident

Nonetheless, it is crucial for the candidates to, first, build an outstanding CV to impress the employers before they can receive any interview invitation. Ms Leung emphasised that “the important element is that a CV has to be clear and tidy”. Apart from essential information such as personal information, educational background, extracurricular activities and internship experiences, and other competencies which are relevant to the role candidates are applying for, Ms Leung also mentioned that “a resume should be able to show their passion in the profession that they are applying for, for example, the related experience, the courses they took and the fact that they possess the attributes for the specific business unit.”

Last but not least, Ms Leung encouraged students to stay hungry to grow and to be inspired working in a collaborative professional environment. She and other participating employers are looking forward to meeting confident and proactive HKU students at the Fair.

HKU Virtual Career Fair 2022 Details

Date: 1-3 March 2022 (Tuesday to Thursday)
Time: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Registration: https://campusrecruitment.cedars.hku.hk (for HKU students and graduates only)

*The Fair will last for 3 days while the virtual platform will be open until 31 March, so students can continue to explore the employers’ exhibiting booths and submit job applications