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Concordia art education grad students bring the slow movement to the...

A growing body of evidence reveals the negative effects of competitive pressures on university scholars’ quality of life, teaching and research. It’s a reality that leaves many academics questioning their roles in higher education.

Colorectal Cancer Surgery: Adjusting the Gut Flora to Help Healing

This taboo cancer takes 9,500 lives every year in Canada. Manuela Santos, a researcher at the CHUM Research Centre, and her colleagues, Drs. Carole Richard and Roy Hajjar, want that to change. Together, they are studying the influence of the intestinal microbiota on the surgical treatment of colorectal cancer.

University of Toronto Entrepreneurship Week 2022: 10 startups to watch

The University of Toronto is hub for startup activity – with more than 10 campus-linked accelerators and a community of entrepreneurs that has spawned over 600 companies and raised in excess of $2 billion over the past decade.

Higher education and language skills may help ward off dementia

New research has found that people with mild cognitive impairment may not inevitably develop dementia and, in fact, having higher education and advanced language skills more than doubles their chances of returning to normal.

People’s perception of COVID-19 risk influenced by type of data shown:...

A new University of Toronto study finds that showing COVID-19 data in a particular way can influence how seriously people view the pandemic, which in turn can impact their behaviour.

Thoughts of harming baby a normal but unpleasant part of postpartum...

Many new mothers experience unwanted and intrusive thoughts about intentionally harming their babies, but those thoughts don’t appear to increase the likelihood that they will actually harm their newborn, according to a new UBC study.

Baby fever: UBC study finds advertising and social media can boost...

What exactly motivates people to have children? Over time, researchers have attributed it to reasons like biological drive, social pressures and emotional fulfillment.

University of Toronto psych prof on ‘the great snapback’ and tips...

After nearly two years of coping with COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, there’s a host of new things to consider as pandemic measures begin to ease.

Understanding how your romantic partner sees your emotions may help couples...

A study by researchers at McGill University is shedding new light on the importance of the perception of emotion in romantic relationships.

Animal-based protein recommended for people being treated for cancer

If you’re being treated for cancer, don’t leave meat, fish and dairy off your plate, University of Alberta experts advise.
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