Thursday, October 28, 2021

Microsoft Joins Forces With Australian Institute for Machine Learning to Soar Into Space

Exploring how advanced cloud, AI and machine learning can be used in space and to create bold new solutions for terrestrial challenges

Claims less Aussies paying tax not backed by data

No, there's not an increasing number of Australians freeloading off other taxpayers. A new ANU study explains why -- with a little help from the cult film, The Princess Bride.

Indigenous business partnership created between Massey and global universities

Te Au Rangahau, Massey Business School’s Māori business research centre, has recently signed a partnership with the University of Melbourne and Carleton University in Canada with the aim to...

Cryptocurrency: financial revolution or flash in the pan?

Touted as the future by some and a fleeting trend by others, what’s behind the rollercoaster-like value and popularity of cryptocurrency?

Fugro and UWA extend partnership for further five years

The Fugro Chair in Geotechnics at The University of Western Australia has been renewed for a further five years.

Growing business leaders for the horticultural industry

The value of the New Zealand horticulture industry has grown by more than 60% in the past decade due to investment in new crop varieties, growing techniques, and harvest and post-harvest practices.

UTS and TAFE NSW unite for a sustainable fashion future

The University of Technology Sydney and TAFE NSW will develop a new Centre for Fashion and Textiles Sustainability in Sydney, thanks to a $200,000 grant from the NSW Government.

Bournemouth University joins business champion programme

Bournemouth University, one of the leading academic business institutions in the region, has been welcomed by Business South as a new business Champion.

HULL graduate matt johnson launches new marketing agency in city

University of Hull graduate Matt Johnson has launched a new Hull-based content marketing agency after three years of successful freelancing.

BU Business School awarded the Small Business Charter Award

The award recognises the Business School's outstanding contribution to supporting small businesses, student entrepreneurship, and the local economy.
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