UM honorary degree recipient Chio Fai Aglaia Kong to give talk next Monday on innovation

Chio Fai Aglaia Kong, an honorary degree recipient of the University of Macau (UM), on 13 December (Monday) will give a talk titled ‘Innovation for Billions’ at UM. During the talk, she will discuss how to create favourable conditions for the diversification of Macao’s industries and share her entrepreneurial experiences. All are welcome.

Chio Fai Aglaia Kong is an outstanding technology expert and pioneer. She has been involved in the research and development (R&D) of major inventions related to storage virtualisation, navigation, file systems, and power management, and has accumulated over 15 patents to date, all of which are highly useful. She has often been able to make advanced technologies and theories simple and accessible to the general public, making people’s lives more convenient. At the same time, she is a passionate advocate of technology development worldwide and has given more than 300 lectures at events around the world to share her expertise and innovative ideas. In addition, she provided consultancy services for a number of overseas start-ups and served as an advisory professor at East China Normal University and Zhejiang University in China. While she was working at Cisco China, she developed new products to meet the needs of China’s development and provided smart city solutions for the country. She is currently working in the Guangdong LeapFive Technology Co Ltd to promote the R&D and production of open-source chips in China, in order to meet the high demand of the country.

During the talk, the speaker will discuss how to create favourable conditions for the diversification of Macao’s industries. She will also shed light on how Macao entrepreneurs should navigate in today’s world and explore innovation opportunities considering the various changing factors, including global warming, COVID-19, anti-globalisation, and artificial intelligence. She will also share her entrepreneurial experiences with those who plan to pursue a career in related fields and will also offer suggestions on policies for talent development in Macao. 

The lecture will begin at 11:15am in the University Hall (N2), UM. It will be conducted in English. For those who are interested in joining the event, please make a registration at For enquiries, please email to

Source: Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Macau (UM)