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Liver can generate palmitic acid to maintain brain health, study suggests

Researchers at the University of Toronto have found that palmitic acid, one of the most common fats in human milk, meats and dairy products, is made by the liver and sent to the developing brain when it’s low in the diet.

Researcher engineers a better way to produce carbon fibre from bitumen

A University of Alberta engineering researcher has found a way to produce carbon fibre from bitumen at half the cost of current commercial product and with 70 per cent lower carbon emissions.

UCalgary’s 24-hour coding competition offers students networking and growth opportunities

For some, it was just a few months ago during exam period. For others, it might be years or decades in the past and those bleary-eyed, adrenaline- and caffeine-filled moments at 3 a.m. are a distant memory.

Expert insight: Excessive social media use worsened adolescent mental health during...

How does time spent online, and especially social media, affect the brains and behaviours of children and youth?

Newly identified biomarker could lead to simple blood test for rare...

A University of Alberta team has uncovered a universal biological marker for myasthenia gravis with the aim of developing a simple, fast and accessible diagnostic test for the rare autoimmune disease.

$6.5 million grant to help improve care for Crohn’s disease patients

Patients with Crohn’s disease may require difficult surgeries in their lifetimes that typically involve the removal of diseased bowel.

Research is making faba beans a better source of protein

Faba beans pack a high-protein punch, making them rich with promise as an alternative to meat and dairy sources. But the legume also has less desirable qualities, like compounds that cause flatulence and interfere with the body’s nutrient absorption.

Discovery changes understanding of water’s history on the Moon

New research from a Western University postdoctoral fellow shows the early lunar crust, which makes up the surface of the Moon, was considerably enriched in water more than 4 billion years ago...

How UBC is preparing students for their future careers

Navigating a career can be challenging. The UBC Career Centre, under the Office of the Vice-President, Students...

Study reveals inequities in access to cancer clinical trials in Canada

People living in less populated, rural or remote areas are missing out on last-ditch but potentially life-saving cancer clinical trials, according to a recent study by a University of Alberta oncologist that puts the onus on Canada’s health regulatory bodies to ensure equity.
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