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The World Education News (WEN) is cooperated closely with hundreds of Chinese famous media organizations, including newspapers, websites, TV stations, magazines, broadcast stations and certain newly appeared media organizations, etc. So it is the unique web media at worldwide level to provide the most recently major educational information from the countries all over the world.

The running principle for the WEN is based on close cooperation with all kinds of worldwide educational organizations whatever public or private. The educational news and messages we put on line to the world are all from our partnership relation universities, colleges, business and the international schools; also including the Chinese-Foreign cooperated projects, and the organizations of economic entities like agency companies for overseas study affairs in educational field., etc.

We provide our cooperated universities and colleges with the most recently educational information’s and messages, including the messages of professional academic exchanges, issues consultant, and the information of business discussion, etc. Besides, we also give our customer the full-service package to promote their web-news, web-advertisements, as well as introducing some magazines and journals, etc.

Sharing together with the world educational media resource is our ultimate purpose, so we made up our mind to build a platform for the activities of academic exchanges for international students, universities and colleges at home and abroad, all kinds of domestic and international agency companies for overseas study affairs, and also for the professional activities to all educational specialists and experts, etc.

We have already established our high reputation through the super quality service provided to the hundreds of foreign universities and colleges, as well as those in the Great China markets. Since the basic goal for our service is to carry out the principle of “major in education and careful with service”, and this is the fundamental reason why we are favored by the majority of our customer’s trust.

Our highest expectation is to help the customers to establish their worldwide renowned reputation for the cultural products, quality of education, and to enlarge the scale of student recruitment in the Great China market. We are sure with full confidence that through mutually beneficial cooperation we would definitely win benefits for all sides.


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About us

WEN is the unique web media at worldwide level to provide the most recently major educational information from the countries all over the world.