Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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Pinpointing the cause of a mysterious heart disease affecting women

Researchers are exploring the genetics behind spontaneous coronary artery dissection.

Global Nexus to work with National Research Council on infectious disease research

A new agreement between McMaster University and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) will enable collaboration on evidence-based solutions to infectious disease problems.

What’s behind burnout and exhaustion in nursing staff?

A research survey of almost nine-hundred nursing staff has found that long hours combined with poor staffing and little choice in working patterns is likely to be behind nurses burning out and becoming exhausted at work.

Tackling the rise of autoimmune diseases with genetically modified cell therapies

Autoimmune diseases are increasing in prevalence worldwide and placing a significant burden on individuals, the healthcare system, and the wider community.

Indigenous music student launches debut single through UQ

Emerging Indigenous artist Durriwiyn has become the first student to release a single through The University of Queensland’s record label Corella Recordings.

New University of Exeter exhibition tells the fascinating story of Sindbād and The One...

A new University of Exeter exhibition about The One Thousand and One Nights shows the origins and history behind the incredible tales.

Thinking of studying abroad: The latest situation of the top ten best study abroad...

In 2023, studying abroad continues to be an important way for many young people to pursue high-quality education and a global perspective.

Western projects receive new Canada Brain Research Fund grants

A research project on fast-tracking drug development for neurodegenerative diseases and another on technology to study the brain at the patient’s bedside are two Western projects among four across Canada awarded grants through the Canada Brain Research Fund (CBRF)...

Fungi power project leads $3 million in Federal funding grants

A cutting-edge project using synthetic biology to create a special type of manufacturing platform using fungi is one of five projects at The University of Western Australia awarded nearly $3 million in Federal Government funding.

New MRI scanning technology to improve clinical accessibility and advance lung disease diagnosis

Revolutionary MRI scans which will improve the diagnosis of lung diseases will benefit from part of a £149 million investment to bring UK business and academics together to accelerate cutting edge research.
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