Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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New national IVF clinic success rates released

A UNSW-developed website has been updated with the latest data on IVF clinic success rates.

New AHS chair will bring Indigenous perspectives to health research and policy

University of Alberta professor will focus on building partnerships to inform policy, support Indigenous students and foster relationships with communities.

Continued ear wax services crucial, say Manchester researchers

A new study by University of Manchester audiologists has highlighted the difficulties people face with impacted ear wax.

Common antidepressants can increase antibiotic resistance

University of Queensland researchers have found a range of commonly prescribed antidepressants can increase bacteria’s resistance to antibiotic medications.

McKinnon Prize selection panel revealed

A former Premier, a former Federal Government Minister and the CEO of one of Australia’s leading children’s charities are some of the leaders who will select the 2022 McKinnon Prize in Political Leadership.

University of Bristol and Bristol Cathedral formally strengthen their relationship

The University of Bristol and Bristol Cathedral have formally strengthened their relationship by signing a Memorandum of Understanding at the Cathedral this week.

Low emission energy systems can create water conflict without smart design

A new study published today in Nature Sustainability has found that using hydropower dams to generate low emission energy can cause problems for other economic sectors such as food production unless smart designs are employed.

New researchers will help shape the evolving landscape of AI

The University of Alberta and Amii will soon welcome 20 new faculty members whose work reflects the technology’s transformational impact in health, energy, Indigenous leadership and more.

Coercive control takes significant toll on children

Children can often be overlooked in situations involving interparental coercive control, but the impact on them is significant, a new research review from The Australian National University (ANU) has found.

Report highlights cost of misinformation to healthcare services during COVID-19 pandemic

A new report has highlighted the consequences of misinformation, including loss of trust in public institutions, delayed action on pressing issues such as climate change...
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