Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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AI Thrust Seminar| AI-powered Image Perception for Vision and Healthcare

As indicated in a famous adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”, images usually convey a lot of information. It is desirable to separate input images into multiple layers via image perception algorithms for people to understand them easily.

University scientists lead the conversation on growing the space economy

The University of Adelaide’s Professor Matthew Gilliham is guiding a session on the technologies needed to support long-term space habitation at the Andy Thomas Space Foundation 13th Australian Space Forum.

UM honorary degree recipient Chio Fai Aglaia Kong to give talk...

Chio Fai Aglaia Kong, an honorary degree recipient of the University of Macau (UM), on 13 December (Monday) will give a talk titled ‘Innovation for Billions’ at UM. During the talk.

International students to share knowledge with Canterbury businesses

International students at the University of Canterbury will work with local businesses keen to expand into Asia under a new partnership scheme.

AI Technology and Career Opportunities

Why is the AI technology important nowadays? How do we grasp opportunities from the AI trend?

Why Covid-19 is creating an unequal global recovery

While COVID-19 has hit every economy across the globe, its impact has been uneven and has exacerbated patterns of inequality. Amid disparities in vaccination rollouts, major economies are opening up leading to expectations of a global economic recovery.

WA Health Hackathon Week 2021 is here

Ready to explore digital and data-driven solutions to real-world healthcare challenges?

The conference for leaders of international education, Going Global 2021

Be part of the world's largest open forum for leaders in international tertiary education by registering for Going Global 2021, taking place online over an insightful three days from 15-17 June 2021.

The Future Of Global Value Chains in the Post‐COVID-19 Economy

The debate has long begun, however, over whether the world economy has already de-globalized — and whether extraordinary global events such as Covid-19 pandemic have shaken the global economy...

Experts to discuss what a post-Covid world might look like

In the online event ‘Escaping to a post-Covid world’, a group of University experts from clinical and respiratory medicine to public health, as well as education and social work...
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