Exhibition celebrates York’s musical heritage

Researchers are appealing for music lovers to share their memories and memorabilia from York’s musical past as part of a new exhibition in the city.

Exhibition invitation to ‘Archive All Areas – People, Places, Music & Memories’

York Music Venue Network and the University’s StreetLife project are collaborating on the exhibition which will celebrate the city’s artists, venues and rich musical legacy.

Organisers of ‘Archive All Areas – People, Places, Music & Memories’  say it will explore the cultural importance of York’s musical spaces, the impact they have on communities and the challenges in collecting their stories and securing their futures. 

Collection of memorabilia

The exhibition builds on Professor Rachel Cowgill’s InterMusE and OurPlace projects and StreetLife’s Willow Community Project and will feature content from the documentary So, which band is your boyfriend in?, interactive displays and a growing collection of memorabilia which visitors are encouraged to bring their unique stories and items to.

One of the project curators, Dr Jennifer Chubb, from the Department of Sociology at the University of York, said: “The city has some of the country’s best venues, but many have been lost and with them the memories of great shows. With gig-goers’ help, musical moments and memories can be preserved.

“Whether it’s ticket stubs from The Duchess, setlists from the Crescent or programmes from York Barbican, we want anything that brings back those moments for you.

“We also want you to help with our research. We showcase PhD research into the importance of grassroots music venues and consider the future of music-making and gig-going in an age of AI.”

Memorable gigs

Chris Sherrington, co-founder of York Music Venue Network, added: “From Shed Seven’s first proper gig at The Winning Post and The Beatles at The Rialto, to The Howl and The Hum at York Minster and Nirvana at Fibbers, York has played host to thousands of memorable gigs on hundreds of stages.”

Organisers said the stories and memorabilia will feed into research at the University of York. 

The exhibition runs until 20 April, downstairs at Streetlife Hub, 29-31 Coney St, York. For opening times and workshop information please visit  – https://www.streetlifeyork.uk/  

If you would like to contribute to the exhibition, email info@streetlifeyork.uk