Thursday, February 29, 2024
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NUS Law students win regional championship of international environmental law moot

A team of NUS Law undergraduates comprising Li Minghan, Han Ying Jie and Kelly Cheung beat 25 other teams to emerge as champions in the Southeast Asian regional rounds of the...

Unravelling the genetic and environmental influences on trust

Trust, a cornerstone of human interaction, has a significant genetic component, according to new research.

Revealing what makes bacteria life-threatening

Queensland researchers have discovered that a mutation allows some E. coli bacteria to cause severe disease in people while other bacteria are harmless, a finding that could help to combat antibiotic resistance.

From mountain views to village visits: Exploring the many facets of Yunnan’s healthcare

Traversing a towering mountain in China’s southwestern Yunnan province, witnessing the spirit of collaboration behind its local healthcare services and exploring the intricacies of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)...

This is how to increase EV uptake in developing nations

There’s a huge untapped market for electric vehicles in developing nations.

Former Dutch minister and renowned gastroenterologist joins NTU as Vice President of Research

NTU Singapore appointed Professor Ernst Kuipers, a renowned gastroenterologist, healthcare executive, and former Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport for The Netherlands, as NTU’s new Vice President (Research).

UNSW Nuclear Innovation Centre receives $7.5m Sir William Tyree Foundation gift

The centre of excellence in nuclear science innovation launches with funding for research, scholarships and academic positions.

Manipulating light at nanoscale for increased photon upconversion

NUS researchers led by Professor Liu Xiaogang from the NUS Department of Chemistry, in collaboration with Dr Gianluigi Zito from the National Research Council of Italy...

Study examines medical mystery of child hepatitis outbreak

A world-first analysis of a sudden global outbreak of hepatitis in children finds although the primary suspect is highly likely to be an infection by multiple viruses, many questions still puzzle researchers.

New College of Computing and Data Science to propel NTU’s AI ambitions

NTU Singapore is launching a new college to deepen the University’s investment and efforts in artificial intelligence (AI), computing, and data science.
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