Friday, January 28, 2022
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Researchers discover way to disarm potentially deadly Listeria bacteria

University of Queensland researchers have unlocked a way of fighting Listeria infections, which can cause severe illness in pregnant women and people with compromised immune systems.

UM releases 2022 macroeconomic forecast for Macao

The University of Macau (UM) Centre for Macau Studies (CMS) and Department of Economics 26 January released the 2022 Macroeconomic Forecast for Macao...

Art and Science combine in upcoming exhibition as part of a project sharing the...

A new LU Arts exhibition will demonstrate how artists can work across disciplines as it shares the processes involved in digital artist Sarah Selby’s project ‘Between the Lines’.

Study demonstrates a novel approach to target enhancer-addicted cancers

A chromatin degrader stops transcription factors from driving cancer, which may serve as a potential treatment approach for over 90% of prostate cancers.

Virtual Study Abroad programmes provide international education opportunities without boarding a plane

Learning about summer farming in what she knows as the middle of winter took a little getting used to for American student Katie Owens, but she says the knowledge gained from her virtual study abroad experience at Massey was interesting and informative.

Personalised approach needed for diabetes prevention: study

An individualised, rather than universal approach is needed for effective diabetes prevention, a new study has revealed.

Nanobubbles a pathway to better medical devices

Tiny gas bubbles could help reduce drag in small medical devices, university scientists have found. Drag can lead to clogging and damage biological samples, so this discovery could pave the way to more robust devices.

New guideline urges ditching opioids for painful diabetic neuropathy

Neurology experts reviewed the latest evidence to offer new recommendations for management of painful neuropathy in diabetes patients.

The low-cost widely available drug that could fight COVID-19

A widely available and affordable drug, heparin, limits lung damage when inhaled by COVID-19 patients, according to world-first findings by researchers from The Australian National University (ANU).

Interdisciplinary team wins health grant

Researchers from across AUT have received a $1,364,660 grant from the Health Research Council (HRC) to collaborate with Ngā Maia Māori Midwives Aotearoa, Pasifika Midwives Aotearoa...
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