Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Slow Vaccine Roll-out Could Deepen Economic Scars

While South Australia’s economy is recovering strongly, the slow vaccine roll-out is a significant threat to the nation’s ongoing ability to weather the long-term effects of the pandemic.

Internet can help to bridge OCD therapy barriers

Obsessive compulsive disorder affects people of all ages and from all walks of life. Yet diagnosis may take years or even decades and there are significant obstacles for those needing treatment.

UM holds six biomedicine lectures for local high school students

To enhance the scientific literacy of Macao students, the University of Macau (UM) Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) organised six lectures in biomedicine.

UM faculty members and students teach Portuguese courses in Congjiang

A group of ten faculty members and students in the Department of Portuguese, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Macau (UM), recently taught Portuguese language courses in three schools in Congjiang county, Guizhou province.

UBC research shows wastewater genomic testing can effectively track COVID-19 variants of concern within...

Wastewater testing can accurately and rapidly identify levels of COVID-19 infections in the community, including the rise of variants of concern, suggests new research led by UBC professor Dr. Ryan Ziels.

Babies not meeting infant feeding guidelines may be at greater risk for childhood obesity

The latest research from Growing Up in New Zealand reveals the link between childhood obesity and infant feeding guidelines.

WinTOR’s on its way: U of T partnership to train self-driving cars to handle...

Companies around the globe are racing to create fully autonomous vehicles that can handle anything the road throws at them.

Modeling Finds Relaxing Covid-19 Safety Protocols During Vaccination Period Risky

A new mathematical simulation has concluded that the continued practice of mask wearing and social distancing during ongoing vaccinations could help stem a potential surge in Covid-19 cases, particularly as more infectious variants emerge.

Data privacy skills needed to keep society safe

A Business School symposium on Friday 9 July will hear from the Privacy Commissioner, Government Chief Privacy Officer and an industry panel that includes Facebook.

King’s celebrates Athena Swan Silver Award

King’s College London has received an institutional Athena Swan Silver Award from Advance HE, following a successful application last year.
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