UC Elite Athletes awarded scholarships worth $120,000

Twelve elite athletes at the University of Canberra have been given significant financial support for 2022, each receiving a scholarship worth $10,000 at a presentation held on campus today, with the total scholarships awarded worth $120,000.

The Eldon and Anne Foote Elite Athlete Scholarships have been presented to students at the University for several years, with this year’s recipients coming from a variety of sports and disciplines.

The scholarship recipients include a gymnast, boxing coach, Rugby Union and League players, snow sport athletes, and field athletics competitors. There are also several team sport players, including in the areas of hockey, softball, and rowing.

Director of UC Sport Carrie Graf said the generous scholarships from the Eldon and Anne Foote Trust ensure that elite athletes are able to pursue an education on top of their training and competition commitments.

“For many of our elite athlete students, balancing paid employment with their sporting and study schedules can be challenging,” Ms Graf said.

“This scholarship will mean that many of them are able to dedicate more time to their university and training commitments, without worrying about how they’re going to pay rent or buy groceries.”

Ms Graf said the scholarships also align with the University’s sport strategy

“UC is a member of the Elite Athlete University Network, which is a program that is run through the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and provides support and flexibility for elite athletes completing their studies,” she said.

“It is intended to help them prepare for a life after sport in an enabling and supportive environment.”

The scholarship is distributed to recipients as two $5,000 installments, in line with the University semesters.

Bachelor of Education (Health and Physical Education) student and boxing coach Dennis Arthur is one of the 2022 recipients, and said that as a full-time youth worker, the money will help make his home life easier.

“I’m a full-time youth-worker for Canberra Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) and run a program that incorporates my clients into a boxing program at the gym,” Mr Arthur said.

“I have just returned to study now at the ripe old age of 35 to complete a Bachelor of Education, majoring in maths and Aboriginal studies.

“I was actually really shocked to receive the scholarships to be honest – I have two daughters and my wife is 23 weeks pregnant, so our home life is extremely busy at the moment, and every bit helps.”

Scholarships from the Eldon and Anne Foote Trust are awarded in addition to the University’s long-standing elite athlete program, further affirming the institution as a leading University in the sporting space.

Eldon and Anne Foote Elite Athlete Scholarship recipients:

Jesse Moore – Gymnastics Australia

Jay Macdonald – Hockey Australia/ACTAS

Dennis Arthur – Boxing

Declan Burke – Snow Sport Australia

Penny Slater – Triathlon Australia

Blake Macdonald – Cricket ACT

Gabrielle Petersen – Wallaroos/Brumbies/UC7s

Toby Thorburn – Canberra Raiders

Nathan Lynch – Softball ACT

Alexandra Moylan – Rowing Australia

Bentley Walker-Broose – Snow Sport Australia

Kiarna Woolley-Blain – Athletics Australia/GWS Giants