Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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New treatment for leading cause of blindness in Australia

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have developed a new treatment for the leading cause of blindness in people of working age in Australia.

Scientists uncover ‘resistance gene’ in deadly E. coli

Scientists have pinpointed a gene that helps deadly E. coli bacteria evade antibiotics, potentially leading to better treatments for millions of people worldwide.

Superabsorption unlocks key to next generation quantum batteries

Researchers at the University of Adelaide and their overseas partners have taken a key step in making quantum batteries a reality. They have successfully proved the concept of superabsorption, a crucial idea underpinning quantum batteries.

Carbon neutral ‘spaceplane’ parts to be manufactured at Sydney

The Sydney Manufacturing Hub will develop and manufacture components for a green hydrogen-powered launch vehicle capable of deploying small satellites into low earth orbit.

Childhood trauma linked to psychotic symptoms in young cannabis users

Childhood trauma may increase the chance of young people experiencing psychotic symptoms when using cannabis, University of Queensland research has found.

New study highlights ways multiple disasters impact public health

Findings from a review conducted by University of Melbourne researchers shows multiple disasters can have complex impacts on physical health...

Six steps to crowdfunding success for entrepreneurs

New research has found crowdfunding entrepreneurs should follow a number of steps to generate trust with investors in order to realise the full potential of crowdfunding.

Research highlights gap in methamphetamine use figures

Methamphetamine use could be two to four times higher than estimated figures in national surveys, researchers at The University of Queensland have found.

Determination and resilience pays off as 2022 student offers are released

Five courses at the University of Melbourne – the Bachelors of Arts, Science, Commerce, Biomedicine and Design – are ranked in the top 10 most popular courses for domestic students in Victoria...

Using Squid Game to teach economics

First year business and economics students all over the world may soon be using Netflix’s global smash hit series Squid Game to learn complex economic theories.
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