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Monash academic honoured with top national teaching award

A Monash academic has been presented the prestigious 2023 Australian University Teacher of the Year award for her outstanding contributions to teaching excellence.

Unravelling the genetic and environmental influences on trust

Trust, a cornerstone of human interaction, has a significant genetic component, according to new research.

Revealing what makes bacteria life-threatening

Queensland researchers have discovered that a mutation allows some E. coli bacteria to cause severe disease in people while other bacteria are harmless, a finding that could help to combat antibiotic resistance.

This is how to increase EV uptake in developing nations

There’s a huge untapped market for electric vehicles in developing nations.

UNSW Nuclear Innovation Centre receives $7.5m Sir William Tyree Foundation gift

The centre of excellence in nuclear science innovation launches with funding for research, scholarships and academic positions.

Study examines medical mystery of child hepatitis outbreak

A world-first analysis of a sudden global outbreak of hepatitis in children finds although the primary suspect is highly likely to be an infection by multiple viruses, many questions still puzzle researchers.

Monster black hole devouring one sun every day

The fastest-growing black hole ever recorded – devouring the equivalent of one sun every day – has been discovered by researchers at The Australian National University (ANU).

Research on the Record: meet Charitha Pattiaratchi

Professor of Coastal Oceanography Charitha Pattiaratchi’s body of work is, like the ocean, vast and deep.

UWA study offers free iron deficiency screenings for women in Karrinyup

Researchers from The University of Western Australia will provide a fresh round of free iron deficiency screenings for women aged 18 to 49 over the next two Sundays (Sunday 4 and Sunday 11 February) at Karrinyup Shopping Centre.

UOW program to improve palliative care outcomes for residents in aged...

The Palliative Aged Care Outcomes Program (PACOP) at the University of Wollongong (UOW) has won the 2023 Future of Ageing Award for Palliative Care...
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