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Monster black hole devouring one sun every day

The fastest-growing black hole ever recorded – devouring the equivalent of one sun every day – has been discovered by researchers at The Australian National University (ANU).

UC Elite Athletes awarded scholarships worth $120,000

Twelve elite athletes at the University of Canberra have been given significant financial support for 2022, each receiving a scholarship worth $10,000 at a presentation held on campus today, with the total scholarships awarded worth $120,000.

Are partially protected areas the ‘red herrings’ of marine conservation?

Partially protected marine areas create confusion and don’t meet their broad conservation objectives, UNSW researchers have found.

GPS data could help map COVID-19 transmission risk

Human mobility data gathered from de-identified mobile devices could help map coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission and support contact tracing efforts, according to new research.

Schools score solid marks for pandemic learning changes

The vast majority of Australians are satisfied with how educational institutions adapted learning and teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic, new analysis from The Australian National University shows.

Sydney wins prestigious global education award

The University of Sydney dominated this year's QS Reimagine Education awards, with the Business School's Job Smart Edge initiative winning the overall Global Education Award...

Study estimates 200-plus white sharks breed each year

A study on the vulnerable white shark has shown that approximately 206 to 252 sharks breed on Australia’s east coast each year.

New drug to combat global killer sepsis

A promising new drug to combat sepsis has been developed by researchers at The Australian National University, potentially saving millions of lives each year.

New Colombo Plan Scholar acts on disability inclusion

2020 New Colombo Plan (NCP) Scholar and UQ philosophy and economics student Adele Greedy-Vogel wants to make her mark in disability inclusion.

Gambling rates dropped during height of COVID restrictions

Gambling rates in Australia dropped off significantly during the height of COVID-19 restrictions, before increasing again over the past six months...
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