McMaster ensures employees have time off for COVID vaccinations

McMaster ensures employees have time off for COVID vaccinations

The university has approved a COVID-19 Vaccination Leave that allows employees time away from work to get their COVID-19 vaccinations. Effective immediately, all employees are eligible for up to three hours away from work without loss of pay, on two occasions, to get their COVID-19 vaccinations.

Many employees have flexibility within their work day to be able to go for their vaccines and supervisors are asked to be as flexible as possible.  But other employees have set working hours and the university wants to make sure that no one misses their opportunity to get vaccinated.  Providing paid time off for those whose appointments are during working hours is an important way to support the good health of our employees and our community.

Vaccinations are important for individual health. They are also critical to the province’s ability to lift restrictions which will support the university’s plans to welcome students back to campus in Fall 2021.

Employees who want to use the new leave policy should discuss with their supervisor.  Additional information on payroll and scheduling has also been sent to managers.

Read the details and status of vaccine eligibility in Ontario and in Hamilton.

If you have any questions about the time off for vaccination, contact your HR Advisor.