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Viral success: McMaster researchers discover new way to protect against infections...

An exciting therapeutic discovery involving synthetic aptamers being worked on by McMaster researchers is showing promise in protecting against viral infections like COVID-19.

Research reveals risk factors for poor asthma control in children

A recent University of Alberta study is shedding more light on how perinatal health and early life events are related to asthma control in children.

New method can detect early-stage breast cancer in two minutes

University of Waterloo researchers are pioneering a method to detect breast cancer in women early enough for them to receive life-saving treatment.

Western research shows men sleep better than women

Western researchers have unveiled crucial insights into the sleep health of middle-aged and older adults in Canada, identifying social determinants that contribute to disparities in sleep satisfaction, efficiency, and duration.

Mac grads headline new exhibition at the Art Gallery of Hamilton

A McMaster-led exhibition on display at The Art Gallery of Hamilton is channelling art to explore pregnancy-related science.

Renowned diabetes researcher will bolster world-leading expertise at University of Alberta

A renowned expert is joining the University of Alberta to research a critical underlying defect in all types of diabetes, with the goal of improving treatment...

Harnessing AI to help pinpoint cancerous tumours

Engineers from the University of Waterloo are harnessing artificial intelligence to help doctors better see and control a non-invasive cancer treatment and, in the process, save lives.

Expert Brian Coombes on what you need to know about Salmonella

The spread of extensively drug-resistant Salmonella in Canada has prompted serious public health concern.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying in Canada?

Studying in Canada is one of the choices for many Chinese students. However, there are also advantages and disadvantages to studying in Canada.

McGill receives three Canada Excellence Research Chairs

Three internationally renowned researchers join McGill as Canada Excellence Research Chairs, bringing expertise in the fields of transient astrophysics...
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