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New Ivey Academy workshop explores implementing AI in the workplace

In just a few short months, Artificial Intelligence (AI) – particularly through the recently renowned chatbot ChatGPT – has already disrupted how people and organizations work across every sector and industry.

PhD student aims to change how engineering is done in northern...

Raylene Mitchell's research is focused on the relationship between large-scale, renewable energy projects and the communities involved.

Is digital media use a risk factor for psychosis in young...

Young adults who have more frequent psychotic experiences also tend to spend more time on digital media, study finds.

New Canada Research Chairs use technology to build a leaner, greener...

Twelve outstanding scholars at the University of Alberta are receiving one of Canada’s most prestigious academic honours — the Canada Research Chair — to advance their research programs focused on building a leaner, greener future.

Omicron infection may leave seniors more susceptible to future COVID infections,...

Researchers at McMaster University have found that rather than conferring immunity against future infections, infection during the first Omicron wave of COVID left the seniors they studied much more vulnerable to reinfection during the second Omicron wave.

Could psychedelics be used to help manage athletes’ mental health?

Why do people who take DMT, a powerful psychedelic drug, feel a strong sense of familiarity about places, things or entities that are not a part of waking life?

Why men, wealthy people and maritime residents are more likely to...

Study compares UV exposure and behaviours among different groups in with the goal of improving public health efforts aimed at reducing melanoma rates.

Researchers find similarities in the way both children and societies alter...

An international team of researchers is using computer science to explore the knowledge foundation of word meaning in both child language development and the evolution of word meanings across languages.

People dislike AI art because it threatens their humanity: study

AI-generated writing, photography, art and music have been skyrocketing in popularity, but that surging success has also triggered an enormous backlash, with many rejecting AI art — and even asserting that its proliferation marks the beginning of the end for humanity.

Archaeologist looks to ancient solutions to help solve contemporary global problems

As the world grapples with cross-border challenges such as climate change, pandemic disease, cybercrime and income inequality, it may be tempting to look to the United Nations and other international organizations for solutions.
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