Monash University announces launch of n0de: a new spinout company driving net zero solutions

Former Monash University staff members and alumni Rob Brimblecombe and Scott Ferraro, who spearheaded Monash’s award-winning Net Zero Initiative, have launched a new spinout company called n0de, which will empower organisations to activate and accelerate their net zero transformation.

Backed by the co-founders’ extensive expertise and the development of their digital platform, n0de empowers businesses with the confidence and expertise to achieve their net zero targets faster and more cost-effectively.

“Our vision is a world where all businesses are empowered to lead the global transition to a renewable-powered future. In short, we aim to develop solutions that enable businesses to undertake their own net zero transformation in a way that is faster, more transparent, more valuable, and more fun,” said n0de Co-founder Rob Brimblecombe.

Dr Alastair Hick, Chief Commercialisation Officer in the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Enterprise and Engagement) at Monash University, expressed his enthusiasm and support for n0de’s seed stage investment.

“We have been supporting the team at n0de for two years as they developed their business proposition, which included their participation in the 2022 Generator Accelerator program. We’re excited to announce our support for their seed stage investment through Monash Investment Holdings, aligning with our strategic commitment to address the global climate change challenge,” said Dr Hick.

n0de’s success and strategic advantage is driven by its connection to Monash’s own net zero transformation, realised by the ongoing development of a cutting-edge digital platform, which will help businesses activate and navigate their net zero transformation. The platform will support the delivery of net zero action plans, helping customers understand their current state of emissions, and the available opportunities to reduce them to meet their net zero target.

With the integration of customer data sets, these plans will become dynamic, enabling customers to get started with quick wins, demonstrate progress, capture value and progressively build up the expertise, data and momentum to transform their business into net zero leaders.

“Working with an organisation’s net zero champions, such as their sustainability manager, we will automate and simplify the net zero planning phase. By combining accessible energy and asset data and our deep knowledge base of successful net zero implementation and solutions, we will generate a tailored, dynamic net zero plan in minutes, not months, that helps our customers decide where to start and what to do next,” explained co-founder Scott Ferraro.

Mr Peter Marshall AM, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice-President at Monash University, said n0de will help translate the knowledge acquired from Monash’s Net Zero Initiative to have a positive impact beyond university campuses.

“Through n0de, the practical knowledge and expertise of Monash University’s Net Zero Initiative will support other organisations in their pursuit of net zero emissions,” said Mr Marshall.

“Climate change is a global challenge of our age, and sharing new knowledge and solutions with each other is pivotal to creating a more globally sustainable future.”

Monash University was the first Australian university to make the pledge to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030, demonstrating strong leadership in climate action and paving the way for other universities and cities to achieve their net zero targets. In 2018, the University also won the United Nations Momentum for Change Award in recognition of its sustainability efforts. n0de will continue to provide ongoing guidance and strategic advice to the University as it progresses its net zero aspirations and goals.

As Monash’s newest spinout company, n0de is set to revolutionise the net zero landscape, offering invaluable solutions and support to global organisations committed to achieving their sustainability goals. n0de’s mission is to turn net zero ambition into action, and organisational inertia into momentum. Visit n0de’s website for further information.