Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Researchers fear career breaks risk future funding success

Fierce competition for medical research funding makes many researchers loath to disclose in grant applications their career disruptions, such as illness or childbirth, to explain research output gaps for fear of appearing ‘weak’ or unable to fulfil long-term research.

University of Newcastle welcomes $50M to trailblaze in recycling and clean...

The University of Newcastle has welcomed today’s Federal Government announcement of $50 million in funding to produce clean energy and recycling innovations through the creation of the Australian Trailblazer Recycling and Clean Energy (ATRaCE) Program.

REDI Fellowships for medical research

Two La Trobe staff members have been awarded sought-after Fellowships as part of the Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry (REDI) Fellowship program by MTPConnect.

High school STEM summit focuses on Olympic city’s jobs of the...

The count-down is on for the free 2022 QUT Future You STEM Summit for high school students, with online applications closing on Monday night at midnight.

Nurse researchers make a difference

Florence Nightingale is known as the pioneer of modern nursing. International Nurses Day is held each year on 12 May, Nightingale’s birthday, to celebrate not only her contribution to evidence-based nursing practice but the contribution of nurses around the world.

Long lost ‘bum-breathing’ turtle makes its return

A revolutionary new DNA detection method has helped rediscover an iconic species of turtle last seen more than 25 years ago in a northern Queensland river.

Curtinnovation a chance to embark on journey of collaboration with Curtin

A game-changing cybersecurity platform, a data-driven program helping businesses, schools and households reduce their carbon footprint and a smart microchip...

Tasmania goes net carbon negative by reducing logging

Tasmania has become one of the first jurisdictions in the world to reduce their carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions and increase removals to become net carbon negative, according to new research from The Australian National University (ANU) and Griffith University.

How can you make your workplace mentally healthy?

Prevention is a crucial aspect of addressing mental health in the workplace, and it starts with organisational culture, says UNSW Business School's Frederik Anseel.

New nanotech imaging tool may allow smartphone disease diagnosis

Scientists have developed a low-cost microscopic imaging device small enough to fit on a smartphone camera lens, with the potential to make mobile medical diagnosis of diseases affordable and accessible.
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