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Don’t Focus on Genetic Diversity to Save Our Species

Scientists at the University of Adelaide have challenged the common assumption that genetic diversity of a species is a key indicator of extinction risk.

Significant drop in Australians who will get COVID jab

There has been a substantial increase in COVID-19 vaccine resistance and hesitancy among Australians, according to new analysis from The Australian National University.

GameStop: how Redditors played hedge funds for billions (and what might...

Normally on the stock market, the shark swallows the little fish. Now the little fish are eating the shark as small investors force hedge fund players into uncomfortable positions.

New mammogram measures of breast cancer risk could revolutionise screening

World-first techniques for predicting breast cancer risk from mammograms that were developed in Melbourne could revolutionise breast screening...

Marsupials low-methane footprint could help fight climate change

Findings from this University of Queensland-led project could translate to a better understanding of food digestion in people and livestock.

UQ achievers recognised on Australia Day

An expert in Indigenous architecture, a noted historian and a history-making teacher joined a raft of talented University of Queensland alumni recognised in the 2021 Australia Day honours.

Affordability and efficiency is the future of healthcare

COVID has highlighted the differences in healthcare affordability across the globe, with a glimpse into what the future of medicine could look like if we don’t act.

Scientists use novel ink to 3D-print ‘bone’ with living cells

3D printers may one day become a permanent fixture of the operating theatre after UNSW scientists showed they could print bone-like structures containing living cells.

Global demand for cancer surgery set to surge

A new modelling study led by UNSW predicts demand for cancer surgery will rise by 52 per cent within two decades, with low-income countries bearing the greatest burden.

Cracking a tough nut for macadamia growers

Macadamia researchers are breeding thinner shells for bigger kernels and tougher husks for resisting pests.
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