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Nominations open for the Australian Mental Health Prize 2023

The prize recognises individuals who have made a significant contribution to mental health in Australia.

AI drug discovery will power collaboration with Pharos Therapeutics

Partnership with Pharos will give the Drug Discovery Initiative access to the Pharos Chemiverse platform, with more than 230 million pieces of data to help identify promising compounds.

New DNA testing technology shows majority of wild dingoes are pure,...

Genetic analysis shows dingo populations have significantly less dog ancestry than previously thought.

Defining the value of ‘doing the right thing’ in business

An innovative Australian business tool redefining the way success is measured in mutual enterprises has launched in Europe, putting a price on social good over dollar signs.

PLAN helps vulnerable parents by bridging the gap

A project developed to help parents struggling with domestic violence, homelessness, housing instability, unemployment, mental health issues and financial hardship has transformed lives.

Pinpointing the cause of a mysterious heart disease affecting women

Researchers are exploring the genetics behind spontaneous coronary artery dissection.

Tackling the rise of autoimmune diseases with genetically modified cell therapies

Autoimmune diseases are increasing in prevalence worldwide and placing a significant burden on individuals, the healthcare system, and the wider community.

Indigenous music student launches debut single through UQ

Emerging Indigenous artist Durriwiyn has become the first student to release a single through The University of Queensland’s record label Corella Recordings.

Fungi power project leads $3 million in Federal funding grants

A cutting-edge project using synthetic biology to create a special type of manufacturing platform using fungi is one of five projects at The University of Western Australia awarded nearly $3 million in Federal Government funding.

UQ responds to housing market with new student residences project

A second student residences complex is planned for The University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus to help address a shortage of suitable and affordable rental accommodation.
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