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Global study identifies genes that cause sarcoma

Understanding the genetic basis of sarcoma will allow earlier detection and better guide treatment.

Magnetic method to clean PFAS contaminated water

Researchers at The University of Queensland have pioneered a simple, fast and effective technique to remove PFAS chemicals from water.

Preventing weight gain can help avoid total knee replacement: study

Preventing weight gain from early adulthood could reduce knee replacements in Australian adults by almost 30 per cent and save the health system $373 million per year, new research has found.

There’s something fishy about flake sold in South Australia

It is a popular takeaway choice at fish and chip shops, but new research has revealed threatened species of shark are being sold as flake at some outlets across South Australia.

Accor to run Forrest Hall precinct hotel

Accor, a leading hotel operator in Australia, will operate Wonil Hotel which is set to open at the Forrest Hall Precinct in February 2023.

Manufacturing advances bring material back in vogue

One of the world's most important artificial materials is back in vogue because scientists are harnessing its properties for new and diverse future applications such as space navigation and farming.

Why faces might not be as attention-grabbing as we think

Research combining wearable eye-tracking technology and AI body detection software suggests our eyes aren’t drawn to the faces of passers-by as much as previously thought.

Harnessing the healing power within our cells

University of Queensland researchers have identified a pathway in cells that could be used to reprogram the body’s immune system to fight back against chronic inflammatory and infectious diseases.

Lift as you climb: $1M funding for women in STEM &...

According to the 2022 STEM Equity Monitor prepared by the Department of Industry, Science and Resources, women only make up 36 per cent of enrolments in university science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses...

New reports highlight Albany’s potential to ride ocean energy wave

Albany’s potential to be a super power when it comes to harnessing clean energy from oceans has been backed by two new reports which outline the Great Southern region’s internationally superior offshore energy resource and the ‘Value in Waves’ for WA’s future economy.
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