Innovative new entry program responds to changing needs

The University of Western Australia has launched Experience-based entry, a new pilot program to enable a broader range of students to apply for entry to study at WA’s top University.

The program recognises there are many ways to measure a student’s potential to succeed at university and will consider students’ backgrounds, experiences and circumstances when assessing applications. 

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) Professor David Sadler said the new entry program responded to both an evolving educational landscape and changing employer demands. 

“We still believe it’s very important for students to undertake ATAR and that it is the best preparation for successful university studies,” Professor Sadler said.

“We know there are many young people who would thrive at university but have not had the encouragement and opportunity to choose that pathway.

“We also know that an ATAR score is not the only way to measure a student’s potential to succeed at university and this exciting new pilot program opens UWA’s doors to make our degrees accessible to a more diverse range of students. 

“It recognises that all levels of learning and life experiences can successfully prepare students for university in other ways.

“Our community needs leaders from diverse backgrounds with different life experience and we believe those who start university with some life experience are already on that journey.” 

Professor Sadler said UWA was focused on producing well-rounded graduates with life skills, grit, and real-world understanding.

Students applying for the new program will be assessed against a broad set of skills and strengths to consider eligibility, including their experience of academic study and extracurricular activities such as community engagement, volunteering and work experience.

Students who succeed in gaining entry though the program will be supported by UWA’s comprehensive health, wellbeing, and academic support services to ensure they have the skills required to help them succeed.

Those interested in studying at UWA from next year can now apply through the program.