Are your feet holding you back? Step up for a free foot screening at UWA

Are you experiencing pain in your feet, legs, knees, hips or back? Not sure if your feet are “normal”? Wondering if a podiatrist can help you?

The UWA Podiatry Clinic is offering complimentary foot screening appointments from October 4 to 8 in the lead up to national Foot Health Week 2021, from October 11 to 17. The foot screenings are 10-minute assessments to determine whether you may need to see a podiatrist.

The screenings will be performed by postgraduate students working under the full supervision of experienced podiatrists and you may even leave with a free podiatry gift bag.

UWA Podiatry

Image: These feet were made for walking, after care at the UWA Podiatry Clinic.

Dr Burke Hugo, Head of Podiatric Medicine & Surgery at UWA, is on a mission to improve foot health and to challenge misconceptions around the podiatry profession while offering a service to the community.

“Our feet take a lot of daily abuse and can become sore for a whole variety of reasons including health problems, sports injuries and ill-fitted or inappropriate footwear.”
– Dr Burke Hugo

“Taking care of your feet will positively impact the rest of your body which is why the theme to Foot Health Week this year is ‘Love your feet and they’ll love you back’.”

As part of the treatment options, the UWA Podiatry Clinic offers x-ray machines, ultrasound equipment, shockwave therapy and mats that map the foot’s pressure against the ground. 

Students make custom orthotics on site, and patients may even get a sneak peek inside the lecture theatre that was used by US Servicemen during World War II and is now used by podiatry students. They’ll also be treated in UWA’s first permanent structure (opened in 1923), or an operating theatre with views of the Swan River.

The UWA podiatrists and podiatry students offer help with a range of foot and lower leg issues such as ingrown toenails, bunions, heel pain, claw toes and advice on shoes.

UWA Podiatry

Image: Put your best forward and visit the UWA Podiatry Clinic for a free assessment.

“A patient once said to me, ‘My mother told me to take care of my feet. She said that if I had pain in my feet, it would show in my face as wrinkles. I always feel beautiful when I leave here’,” Dr Hugo said.

To put your best foot forward in organising a free foot screening appointment, contact the UWA Podiatry Clinic on (08) 6488 4522 or email

* Please note, screenings do not include treatments or constitute a full consultation.