A blended educational model for budding business leaders

Today’s world is undergoing momentous changes, and managers are required to be able to grasp the profound nature of change, to anticipate scenarios, and to quickly redesign business and decision-making processes based on both short and long-term needs.

In this context, business schools play a fundamental role. The education provided by business schools involves a social process that allows students to learn from their teachers and peers and to develop their social skills, mindsets, and capabilities.

As students need a supportive community and a safe learning environment in which they can socialize, improve their strengths and acquire the foundations of management in a multi-disciplinary and inter-cultural context, ESCP Business School has configured a new structure and the lessons are delivered as part of a “blended” formula, which integrates physical presence and virtual training to adapt to the new reality.

In order to guarantee social distancing measures and cope with mobility restrictions, the Business School – recognized as one of the best in the world – has in fact introduced a hybrid teaching approach, redesigning the different study paths to optimize, even at a distance, the relationship between the faculty and students, who come from all over the world.

ESCP has redesigned its training paths, allowing students to follow part of the courses remotely, creating smaller working groups and online lessons with the possibility of live interaction, as if you were in the classroom.

The Bachelor in Management (BSc) is one of the best examples of blending theory and practice within a cutting-edge educational experience. Its students have the chance to learn and understand diverse cultures by living and studying in three different countries, without having to compromise on academic excellence.

The curriculum of the program mixes liberal arts and languages with management, economics and law, complemented by mathematics, accounting, statistics and a noteworthy module on Key Scientific and Technological Issues in Business.

At the ESCP Turin Campus, Bachelor students are supported during their encounter with digital technologies through the partnership with Comau Academy.

“The course has been designed to align theory and hands-on practice within a context that reflects the culture and characteristics of a real-world business,” said Ezio Fregnan, director of Comau Academy. “We first work on developing a common understanding of the digital transformations and technology evolutions that are impacting businesses all over the world.”

The module is designed to inspire students, introduce them to cutting-edge technology in a fun and interactive manner, allowing students to apply their skills in a real-world environment that unites practical project execution with interpersonal skills and professional feedback.