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Children with asthma not at higher risk of severe COVID, research...

A study of nearly 19,000 children who sought care at hospital for COVID-19 during the pandemic shows those with asthma were not at greater risk of serious infection.

Researchers identify amino acid that may play a key role for...

University of Alberta researchers have identified an amino acid that may play a key role in predicting poor clinical outcomes and the treatment of long COVID.

Research sheds new light on care home staff experiences in the...

New research in Scotland has shed light on the challenging and difficult experiences of care home staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Omicron infection may leave seniors more susceptible to future COVID infections,...

Researchers at McMaster University have found that rather than conferring immunity against future infections, infection during the first Omicron wave of COVID left the seniors they studied much more vulnerable to reinfection during the second Omicron wave.

Research identifies immunosuppressed people are least likely to have COVID-19 antibodies

New research has identified which people with compromised immune systems are less likely to have COVID-19 antibodies - making them more vulnerable to a severe infection.

Covid inquiry evidence from Newcastle University expert

A world-leading expert on health inequalities has presented a report and evidence to the independent public inquiry into the Covid pandemic.

Antipsychotic drug use increased in Canadian long-term care homes in first...

While most aspects of care quality in long-term care homes did not differ in the first year of the pandemic from pre-pandemic levels, a new study shows that the use of antipsychotic drugs increased in all provinces.

How Canadians’ lifestyle behaviours changed during the COVID-19 pandemic

Sixty per cent of roughly 1,600 Canadians who took part in a new McGill University study say their lifestyle habits either stayed the same or improved during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The power of peer-to-peer communication in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout: study

During the COVID-19 pandemic, discussions with peers played a large role in people’s decisions around vaccination, new research from UNSW Sydney shows.

Key to fighting chronic inflammation in severe COVID

A treatment to prevent runaway inflammation in patients with severe COVID-19 is a step closer after a University of Queensland-led study into how immune cells respond to the virus.
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