Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Victoria makes Australia’s First mRNA vaccine candidate

Victorian scientists and manufacturers have created Australia’s first mRNA COVID-19 vaccine candidate – Australia’s first ever mRNA drug product – in just five months, enabling clinical trials to begin in the new year.

Massey delivering online learning to help Liberia battle emerging infectious diseases

The Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa killed thousands of citizens including doctors, nurses and midwives and now Massey is helping to design and facilitate online training for staff in Liberia so they can better understand emerging infectious diseases.

Three tips for living with the “COVID Crankies”

When I ask people how they are going, they often say they are feeling really tired, irritable and over it. They may be experiencing what I call the "COVID Crankies".

COVID has further increased anxiety and depression rates among university students

Before COVID, university and vocational education students were at high risk of developing mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety. This is because they already experience much higher levels of psychological distress than the general population.

Novel stem cell therapy approach proves effective in treating COVID-19

An international team of researchers has advanced a new therapeutic approach using stem cells to treat COVID-19.

Duke Researchers Receive Grant to Roll Out Next-Generation Coronavirus Vaccine

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has awarded $17.5 million over three years to the Duke Human Vaccine Institute to develop a vaccine that protects against multiple types of coronaviruses and viral variants.

Study aims to visualize invisible injury

Recognizing the toll the pandemic has taken on many health-care workers’ mental health, Dr. Ruth Lanius is examining the role that moral injury plays, and its effects on the brain.

A third of leukaemia patients do not generate any antibody response...

A University of Birmingham-led study has shown that a third of patients with the most common type of leukaemia fail to generate any measurable antibody response following two doses of COVID-19 vaccination.

Children’s screen time surged during pandemic: study

Children have been spending almost triple the recommended amount of screen time during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new Western-led study.

‘If you want summer, get vaccinated’ – Jacinda Ardern sets the...

In a new article on The Conversation, UC's Professor Michael Plank and UoA's Shaun Hendy say it's simple - the more people vaccinated in Aoteaoa New Zealand, the more freedom we'll enjoy.
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