Scientists warn of disconnect between guidelines for the European Green Deal and climate goals

123 scientists from 27 countries are appealing to EU leaders to correct an ‘oversight’ in the recently published ‘EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities.’ Misum’s Hanna Setterberg is one of the signatories.

In a letter titled ‘How will the European Union’s Green Deal protect our future if its definitions of Greenness are not aligned with its own ambition of net zero greenhouse gases by 2050?’, experts point to the omission of a declining trajectory of the threshold for how to define the ‘Greenness’ of activities under the European Green Deal.  

They warn this omission, which goes against the advice of the relevant EU expert group, can result in a ‘disconnect between the definitions that will guide the implementation of the European Green Deal and the EU’s ultimate climate objective of becoming a net-zero greenhouse gas economy by 2050.’ The signing authors ask for an urgent correction of this oversight.

The open letter was covered in an article by Financial Times on 8 December 2020. Hanna Setterberg, Misum Affiliated Researcher, is one of the 123 signatories.