RGU wins Energy Institute competition sixth year in a row

An engineering student from Robert Gordon University (RGU), Liza van den Berg, has taken home the top prize in an annual competition held by the Energy Institute (EI).

The prestigious event was organised by the EI Aberdeen, Highlands and Islands branch to honour the best energy papers from MSc students at RGU and the University of Aberdeen. This annual event is held to bring together industry and academia, showcasing the latest thinking and research from MSc students and a chance to network with prospective future employers. Senior representatives and industry figures were part of a judging panel which was impressed by the quality and standard of the student presentations.

Six students were shortlisted by the two universities and the top prize of £250 was awarded to Liza van den Berg from RGU’s, who is graduating with an MSc Drilling and Well Engineering (with Distinction) for her thesis on ‘Reduction of Nitrogen Emissions in Drilling Operations on the Dutch Continental Shelf’.

Liza said: ‘I felt very lucky to have been selected from all my classmates to present my master’s project to the Energy Institute. Winning the contest has made me realise again that my project really was something special and very relevant to today’s industry. I would like to thank Petrogas E&P for sourcing my project, RGU for giving me the support and knowledge to be able to complete it and finally the Energy Institute for the opportunity to present it.  I hope to use the experience in my future career’.

Dr Mohamed Amish, Oil and Gas Engineering Programme Leader, at  RGU’s School of Engineering, said, ‘I am incredibly proud of Liza for what she have achieved. She has demonstrated a strong understanding of the sector and vision as to how we tackle future challenges.”