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Research project reaches major milestone in NHS to protect babies from...

More than 1,100 pregnant women in North East UK have taken part in a rapid beside test to protect newborns from life-threatening illnesses which can be passed onto babies during birth.

Bristol mathematician set to mingle with Hollywood stars after winning prestigious...

A University of Bristol mathematician has been named as one of winners of the 2024 Breakthrough Prizes, a prestigious set of accolades dubbed the ‘Oscars of Science’ which boasts an awards ceremony featuring many A-List celebrities.

Universally Manchester Festival announced

The University of Manchester to host four-day festival to celebrate 200th year, featuring Professor Brian Cox and Professor David Olusoga.

New data shows prevalence of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

Around 1.6% of women and girls have symptomatic Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), according to a new review of global studies published in the Journal of Affective Disorders.

Scientists identify how fasting may protect against inflammation

Cambridge scientists may have discovered a new way in which fasting helps reduce inflammation – a potentially damaging side-effect of the body’s immune system that underlies a number of chronic diseases.

Blood pressure variability is a major predictor of heart attack and...

Changes to blood pressure over time could be used to identify patients at greatest risk of heart attack and stroke.

Religious people coped better with Covid-19 pandemic, research suggests

Two Cambridge-led studies suggest that the psychological distress caused by lockdowns (UK) and experience of infection (US) was reduced among those of faith compared to non-religious people.

New heart treatment helps the body grow a replacement valve

Replacement heart valves that grow inside the body are a step closer to reality following studies led by researchers at Imperial.

Weight loss intervention in people with type 2 diabetes influences cancer-associated...

A weight loss intervention in people with type 2 diabetes was found to alter levels of cancer-related proteins, according to the findings of a new University of Bristol-led study.

Glasgow report highlights transformational power of XR technology for education

The University of Glasgow has today officially launched its white paper on the benefits and challenges that immersive technologies like virtual reality can bring to education.
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