Monash Arts’ Global Immersion Guarantee wins IEAA Excellence Award for leaders and innovators in international education

The International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) has recognised Monash’s Faculty of Arts’ Global Immersion Guarantee (GIG) as a trailblazer in Australia’s international education sector.

Monash Arts’ ground-breaking GIG program has been recognised with an IEAA Excellence Award for Best Practice in International Education.

IEAA’s annual excellence awards recognise outstanding contributions to Australia’s international education sector – the nation’s fourth largest export and the world’s third most popular study destination for international students.

GIG is a funded overseas study program that empowers first year Monash Arts students to engage in immersive learning experiences across China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia or Italy. Established on a foundation of inclusivity and diversity, GIG removes mobility barriers and paves the way for more Australian-educated graduates to enter the workforce with a deep understanding of global challenges and the skills needed to strengthen engagement and succeed globally.

Find out more about the award at the Monash Faculty of Arts page here.