Excellence in international business: A second global accreditation extended for the Sprott School of Business

The Network of International Business Schools (NIBS) has extended its accreditation for Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business for another five years. This comes after AACSB International (AASCB) extended its accreditation for the same length of time last year.

Two Sprott students walking with two Maasai community members.

Through the Buckets to Rain Barrels initiative, Sprott students work with Carleton University Industrial Design students on solutions to a range of sustainability issues faced by Maasai communities in Tanzania’s Longido district.

The NIBS accreditation is awarded on the degree to which a business school has become international in all facets of its organization. The review team agreed with a comprehensive assessment the School carried out, and recognized Sprott for generating significant educational contributions and potential impacts at the regional, national and international levels.

In their recommendation for the extension of accreditation for the business programs, they commended Sprott for epitomizing a global mindset, and recognized the support provided by the management team, the new initiatives launched, along with the fact that all courses contain an international dimension to them.

“A student can’t get away with minimal international exposure,” their report stated.

A student, Braydon Armula, feeding an elephant in Thailand.
The NIBS accreditation review team complimented Sprott saying that students “can’t get away with minimal international exposure”.

It also highlighted several key Sprott offerings and resources as noteworthy.

They pointed out Sprott’s involvement in international case competitions, the Sprott Employability Passport for equipping students with the skills and awareness required to find meaningful employment and career success, and the Business Career Management Centre (BCMC) for providing students with support and opportunities to explore their career options.

Furthermore, the team also commended the School for its international research – especially its focus on African business and management research. And, they recognized the efforts Sprott launched with From Buckets to Rain Barrels, and plans to continue building upon, to create mutually beneficial links with international communities.

a woman sitting at a table conversing with another woman.
The Business Career Management Centre provides Sprott students with support and opportunities to explore their career options.

First accredited by NIBS in 2009, the process focused on the degree Sprott incorporated internationalization into its facets – and the reviews, conducted every five years, monitor the work being done to continue growing in this regard. To date, only 25 schools around the world have received this accreditation.