Art + Design student exhibits at the Reach Gallery in Abbotsford

Langley, BC – Trinity Western University’s Janae Gartly, a student in the Art + Design Honours program, presents an exhibition at The Reach gallery in Abbotsford, BC. This exhibition, curated by fellow TWU Art + Design student Bethany Haynes, is open now until August 16, 2020.

Artist Janae Gartly

In an interview hosted by curator Haynes, Gartly shares her artistic journey, “I’m interested in time and space, and the way that we interact with it: the way that our bodies move through space and through time, and how that’s a malleable and dynamic experience for everybody.”

Gartly has creatively explored her interest in time and space throughout a variety of mediums. She also credits Dr. Erica Grimm, Canadian artist and Professor of Art in the School of the Arts, Media and Culture at TWU, as her personal mentor and source of inspiration.

Earlier this spring at The Reach, Gartly’s work was warmly received by the public. Gartly shares that inviting others into conversation is part of her creative process, and she welcomes public input into her topics of artistic exploration. Indeed, at the gallery, Gartly’s exhibition sparked lively interaction. “It really blew me away how so many people were able to benefit and interact with [the art], and related to the work that was in the show.” Gartly says.

Regarding her distinctive use of shadow patterns, Gartly says, “For me, shadow patterns are the way that time draws itself into space. A shadow is different day to day, and the rotation of the sun and orbit, and also the planet and plants are growing and changing. A shadow will never be drawn the same way twice. So to capture it, and let it draw itself into a solidified piece is to really capture a moment.” In this collection, Gartly conveys singular moments in time, through abstract and beautifully-formed shadow images.

Having grown up in Colorado’s dry and arid environment, Gartly was very inspired by British Columbia’s starkly different landscape, which she describes as lush and “teeming with life”. The natural patterns found within the local BC environment have positively influenced her work.

Gartly’s work, and the curation of this exhibit by Haynes, is part of the Art on Demand exhibition at The Reach. The Art on Demand exhibition is a part of Emerge @ The Reach, a program designed to offer professional development opportunities to young aspiring curators and artists between the ages of 18-35.

To view the full video interview between curator Bethany Haynes and exhibiting artist Janae Gartly, please visit The Reach gallery’s YouTube channel.

Photo courtesy of Janae Gartly.
Artist Janae Gartly