Saturday, April 10, 2021

More than 87,000 scientific papers on coronavirus since pandemic

Scientists from around the world have published more than 87,000 papers about coronavirus between the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and October 2020, a new analysis shows.

Politicized pandemic shaped compliance with social distancing

Politicization of the COVID-19 pandemic had a powerful influence over adherence to social distancing guidelines in the United States and why people did, or did not, comply during the lockdown days, a new study has found.

Viruses can ‘hijack’ cellular process to block immune response

Research led by McGill University and Queen’s University Belfast has found that viruses can ‘hijack’ an existing molecular process in the cell in order to block the body’s antiviral immune response to a viral infection.

Scientists Link Star-Shredding Event to Origins of Universe’s Highest-Energy Particles

A team of scientists has detected the presence of a high-energy neutrino—a particularly elusive particle—in the wake of a star’s destruction as it is consumed by a black hole.

Internet trends suggest COVID-19 spurred a return to earlier values and activities

American values, attitudes and activities have changed dramatically during COVID-19, according to a new study of online behavior.

Significant drop in Australians who will get COVID jab

There has been a substantial increase in COVID-19 vaccine resistance and hesitancy among Australians, according to new analysis from The Australian National University.

COVID-19 disruptions to HIV prevention could increase new infections amongst men

Disruptions to HIV prevention and treatment strategies due to the pandemic could increase new HIV infections amongst men who have sex with men.

Deliberate vaccine misinformation should be held to account – but better information is essential

Social media platforms and those spreading deliberate vaccine misinformation should be held accountable and potentially face criminal sanctions, says Professor Melinda Mills...

First COVID-19 lockdown cost UK hospitality and high street £45 billion in turnover, researchers...

However, UK supermarkets and online retailers made an additional £4 billion each thanks to the coronavirus lockdown that began in March last year, according to econometric models.

World’s largest clinical trial for COVID-19 treatments expands internationally

Peter Horby, Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Global Health in the Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford, and Joint Chief Investigator for the trial...
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