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Could singing spread Covid-19?

If silence is golden, speech is silver – and singing the worst. Singing doesn’t need to be silenced, however...

Social Innovation Scholarship 2020: meet the winners!

This year’s Social Innovation Scholarship has been awarded to Anuj Agrawal and Zelmeg Otgontogoo, two talented SSE students.

Ivar Padrón-Hernández received the Grigor McClelland Doctoral Dissertation Award 2020

Ivar Padrón-Hernández, affiliated researcher at the European Institute of Japanese Studies, received the Grigor McClelland Doctoral Dissertation Award 2020

18.4 million in funding for research on climate and economics

Two economic research projects at the School of Business, Economics and Law have been awarded funding from the research council Formas

Unexpected associations found between drug response and cell changes in brain...

Therapies for treating glioblastoma brain cancer can be delivered with greater precision and existing drugs can be used in new ways. These are the conclusions from a study from Uppsala University investigating a large number of cell samples from patients with brain tumours.
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