Friday, September 25, 2020
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Master’s Students Start their Academic Year at Vilnius University

Due to the situation in the country and the world caused by the coronavirus, the 1st of September at Vilnius University (VU) is also different

KTU is ready to welcome international students

Earlier this month, the Government of the Republic of Lithuania agreed to the proposal of the Ministry of Education...

Unique integrated health monitoring system for stroke survivors patented in Lithuania

Group of biomedical engineers from biotech company Gruppo Fos Lithuania together with researchers at Kaunas University of Technology and Lithuanian University of Health Sciences have patented technology for advanced health monitoring of stroke survivors.

Dean of Mathematics and Natural Sciences: future lies in the hands...

According to LinkedIn, artificial intelligence specialists, data scientists and engineers are in the top 15 positions of the most sought-after professions in the United States.

Challenge-based education will help in the context of low-touch economy

Challenge-based education will help in the context of low-touch economy Today, the regions of the world affected...

MSc in Biomedical Engineering upgraded for Autumn 2020

If you are interested in medicine, but not necessarily in working in a hospital environment, if you are passionate about life sciences,...
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