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Significant slowdown in economy amidst weak spending

The South Australian economy has lost momentum over the past six months with key economic indicators showing weaker trends, according to economists from the University of Adelaide’s SA Centre for Economic Studies (SACES).

Hundreds of female students empowered to kick learning goals

Still buzzing from seeing their newfound heroes, the Matildas, achieve amazing World Cup success, a group of 200 female students hit the field at Industree Stadium, Gosford to participate in Maths with Mariners.

ANU and UWA launch a revolution in science education

Two national teaching programs will "revolutionise" science education in Australian schools and generate the next generation of Aussie Einsteins, quantum gurus, and our future science and technology workforce.

Using pets to support healthy ageing – pilot study

Can pets cure loneliness? Research driven by the National Centre for Healthy Ageing (NCHA), a federally funded partnership between Monash University and Peninsula Health...

Research unravelling the “mystery” of extreme waves

Ocean waves up to 30 metres that seemingly appear at random have long inspired legend and stumped scientists. Now, researchers at the University of Sydney and Kyoto University are unravelling their mysteries.

Monash University rises five places to rank 75th in ShanghaiRanking’s ARWU...

Monash has risen five places in the prestigious ShanghaiRanking Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) 2022 to rank 75th in the world.

Significant inflation concerns require another rate rise

Australia's high inflation rate remains a "significant concern" for the RBA Shadow Board at The Australian National University (ANU), which has voted in favour of a second successive rise in interest rates.

JCU launches ‘lifestyle medicine’ courses

James Cook University’s College of Medicine and Dentistry has become the first of its kind in Australia to offer postgraduate courses in lifestyle medicine, an evidence-based approach to preventing and treating disease.

Young local filmmaker wins BUFTA 2021

The Year 12 student Ryan Thwaite from Palm Beach Currumbin State High, winner of the top prize at the 2021 BUFTAs.

Survey finds encouraging platypus numbers on Kangaroo Island

UNSW researchers have been involved in a platypus survey on Kangaroo Island which was severely affected by bushfires 18 months ago.
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