CEIBS MBA 2020-2021 Recruitment Season Kicks Off

August 10, 2020. Shanghai – The 2020-2021 full-time job recruitment season for CEIBS MBAs officially kicks off today! Nearly 180 graduates with outstanding academic performance, cross-cultural leadership skills and international perspectives will start their post-MBA journey in April, 2021.

Starting today, full-time positions from a variety of companies will be posted through CEIBS’ internal career portal. Then, starting in September, leading companies from various industries will come to CEIBS’ Shanghai campus to introduce company strategy and talk about their talent development programmes.

In the previous recruitment cycle, more than 1,000 full-time jobs from nearly 400 companies were posted on CEIBS’ Career Development Centre (CDC) platform, covering a wide range of industries such as technology, financial services, healthcare, consulting, manufacturing (industrial products), consumer packaged goods, retail, energy and real estate.

The CEIBS MBA programme is ranked #5 in the Financial Times’ 2020 global MBA rankings. As the first career development centre in mainland China, CEIBS CDC continues to focus on working with recruiters and the business community as a whole, both to support key talent development issues, as well as to build platforms and initiatives to effectively anticipate and address critical business issues.

The 2020-2021 recruitment season will run through to July 2021. Recruiters are welcome to contact the CDC to recruit talent and explore other co-operation opportunities.

Please call +86-21-2890 5142 or email cdc@ceibs.edu for details.

Writer: Loewe Wang Editor: Michael Donald Thede