Why Study in Norway?

Forget about the beautiful fjords and mountains… Forget about the attractive job market and low unemployment rate… Forget about Norway ranking at the top of surveys as the best place to live…

  • The real reason you should study in Norway is to understand why this small country is number 1 in productivity per worker, with almost 50% more gross domestic product per hour than the UK. But how do Norwegian leaders get their workers to deliver such impressive numbers?
  • Studying in Norway will give you a full grasp of the Scandinavian leadership model. You will understand how the inherent Norwegian mentality for equality and a flat hierarchy provide such an effective work force, by experiencing it first hand.


Norway is the northernmost country in Europe and includes a great variety of natural scenery. The span from the lowlands in the southeast to the spectacular fjords and high mountains and coastline in the west and north is very striking. If you enjoy hiking and huge outdoor experiences, this is a fantastic place to be.Nature in Norway


  • Since oil was discovered off the coast in 1969 Norwegians have enjoyed a high standard of living. It is a safe society and the crime rate is low. It has an attractive labour market and the unemployment rate is only 3.6 per cent (June 2019). Norway has an open economy with many international corporations and extensive foreign trade.
  • It is a welfare society where it is quite possible to combine a challenging career with family life and leisure.


Norway is a world leader in industries such as oil and gas, oil and gas services, renewable energy, shipping, telecommunications, high-tech products and fish farming.  If you are planning a career in any of the aforementioned industries, studying in Norway and at BI will provide you with a huge advantage.


  • All Norwegians speak English brilliantly, and they love practising their language skills with people from other countries. They are known for being a bit reserved, but always helpful. And they make loyal friends you will keep for a lifetime.
  • Norwegians love the outdoors. The go skiing or hiking every chance they get. Or so goes the stereotype…
  • They also love movies, concerts and the urban lifestyle. Oslo has more rock concerts per year than Stockholm and Copenhagen combined, and plays host to a number of summer festivals.


  • Norwegians are very clever. They basically tax anything that is either unhealthy for you or bad for the environment. Thus, alcohol and cigarettes can be expensive, as well as fuel if you own a car. Today electric cars have become quite common and Norway has earned a reputation as a leading country in green initiatives.
  • Health care is rather affordable and the amazing outdoor experiences are free! If you join the Norwegian Trekking Association or other similar associations, you can stay at some of their mountain cabins for minimal fees.
  • Your fellow students will also show you where you can find good deals. Student housing is subsidised by the government, so housing is very affordable and at a very high standard. In addition, the prices at student pubs are always very reasonable.


  • While the country is the most northern in Europe, it isn’t as cold as you might imagine. The warm water from the Gulf Stream heats Norway to an acceptable level for most people. Coastal areas have relatively mild winters with temperatures rarely falling below -4C (24.8F) .
  • Norwegians are experts in everything winter so you will soon pick up the Norwegian way of dressing in layers, learn how to walk on ice, and enjoy the winter season and skiing.