SJTU Institution of Politics and Economics Established

The establishment of the SJTU Institution of Politics and Economics and the appointment ceremony of Professor Zheng Yongnian were held at the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). More than 100 people attended, including Lin Zhongqin, President of Shanghai Jiaotong University; Jiang Sixian, President of China Urban Governance Research Institute; Hu Jin, acting Dean of the SIPA; and representatives of teachers and students. The ceremony was presided over by Jiang Wenning, Secretary of the SIPA.

Before the ceremony, Professor Zheng Yongnian made a speech about “Where is China going after hyper globalization?”. Taking the historical process of globalization as the mainline, he profoundly analyzed the performance of world powers in globalization, especially the opportunities and challenges faced by China in this process. He advocated that we should objectively and calmly analyze and look at the current international situation, insist on international cooperation, pursues mutual benefit and win-win results, further develop China’s market potential, and realize common development with other countries. After the lecture, the teachers and students asked Professor Zheng Yongnian questions about the international political economy, technological revolution, and changes in the international order, and Professor Zheng Yongnian responded one by one.

Later on, a ceremony was held for the establishment of the SJTU Institution of Politics and Economics  and the appointment of Professor Zheng Yongnian. First of all, on behalf of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Lin Zhongqin congratulated the establishment of the institution and expressed his thanks to all the experts and scholars, especially Professor Zheng Yongnian, for their hard work. He said that at present, the world is in a great change that has not happened for a century, and the world’s political economy and order are in the process of accelerating reconstruction. The establishment of the institution adapts to the overall strategic goal of national economic and social development and embodies the spirit of keeping pace with the times. He put forward four hopes for the future guidance of the SJTU Institution of Politics and Economics : first, to reinforce the awareness of responsibility, second, to utilize the school’s advantage and serve the needs for country development. third, to innovate thinking and pursue the truth of academic research; fourth is to improve the mechanism and to achieve the establishment of the institution itself.

Lin Zhongqin and Zheng Yongnian inaugurated the SJTU Institution of Politics and Economics. Lin Zhongqin presented the appointment letter of honorary president for Professor Zheng Yongnian and wore the emblem of Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Professor Zheng Yongnian made a speech. He said that he will work hard to do all the work of SJTU Institution of Politics and Economics, vigorously promote the original innovation of political economy theory, use China’s own words to explain China’s development practice to the world, and build Political Economy with Chinese characteristics in the new era.

After the ceremony, Professor Zheng Yongnian also attended the seminar. Young teachers with political science background attended the meeting and discussed the future development, interdisciplinary and scientific research of the institution.

The overall positioning of the SJTU Institution of Politics and Economics is a top think tank. The institution will rely on the faculty resources of the SIPA, and also referring to the organizational structure of top universities from domestic and overseas. It will be incorporated into the discipline construction system of the School of International and Public Affairs, and strive to build a world-class political science discipline as soon as possible.