Next Generation of Women in Finance!

Nowadays, more and more women are embracing a career in Finance with great success!

At IUM, we are very proud that almost half of the class this year is composed of talented women ready to achieve their professional potential…and they have a lot!

Eva Gazyte, smart Lithuanian woman doing the Hedge Funds and Private Equity specialization, is one of them!

Eva Gazyte

How did you come about the idea of studying abroad?

I was always keen on studying for my master’s degree abroad. I think that living in a different country at some point in your life gives a lot of new friends and connections improves your mindset, language skills.

Women in Finance: Challenges and opportunities?

Women, in general, tend to strive to achieve perfection a little bit more than men do. In reality, having the right drive, determination to succeed, and the confidence to put yourself forward is what matters more.

But, I believe that, now, the challenge of being a woman in the finance industry is being overcome already, and we see more and more women in the sector. This is just a question of time, and not a matter of abilities!

If proof needed, in our MSc Finance program, there are quite a lot of women. Moreover, all of them are very smart. The Next Generation of Women is ready to make it to the top in the finance sector!

What are your key takeaways from this program?

In general, all the subjects were very beneficial, and I like the professors so much! They all are true professionals and try to give as much as they can during the lectures, in terms of their knowledge, experience, and connections as well. Through various projects, a lot of them introduced us to other professionals from Frankfurt, London, New York, etc.

Also, I am thrilled that I had an opportunity to participate in a CFA Research Challenge, where my team (Elzbieta Rulinskaja, Eva Mizrahi, Gaurav Talokar) came second in France’s local final, which is the best result in the history of IUM. I feel very proud of my team and the professors that helped us.

What are your plans for the future? And what advice would you give to people who decide to do this master?

At the moment, I am looking for my internship, which of course, I want to have in Monaco. As you can imagine, this is a bit challenging during this situation. I would also be pleased if I got a job after the internship and could stay in Monaco.

For all the people who are wondering whether to study the MSc Finance at IUM, I have only one thing to say – go for it. Even though I had several months of my studies online, there was no minute that I would have regretted my decision to study at IUM.

If you would like more information about their MSc in Finance Program, please look at their website.