IUM helps me develop my entrepreneurial mindset

Meet with Estelle Vincenti, IUM Alumna from the MSc in Luxury Management.

MSc in Luxury Management Alumna Testimonial - Estelle-Vincenti

What have you done since you graduated from IUM? 

Since I have graduated from IUM I have started a career in the yachting industry. I worked for the world’s leading boat show and then for an international brokerage company as a charter yacht broker. Then, I decided to create my own company in the boating industry with SEA YOU, which is a collaborative boat rental platform.

In your opinion, what was the best part of studying at IUM? 

IUM gave me the opportunity to increase my networking all around the world. It gave me the opportunity to meet brilliant people that I wouldn’t have met if I was not at this university. Networking is the most important thing to develop for the business world, and IUM gives you this opportunity.

Would you say that your studies at IUM help you in your different positions? If yes, how?

I think IUM helped me with my working life because we not only learn the theoretical part but we put it in practice. We do lots of group projects, that definitely helped me to know how to work with a team.

You’re now about to launch your own company, where does your entrepreneurial spirit derive from?

Since a few months, I have launched my company which is called SEA YOU. It is a collaborative boat rental platform that operates worldwide. Actually I always have this entrepreneurial spirit, since I was young, I always wanted to create my own company.

What advice would you give your younger self?

I would recommend taking the opportunity in every project, course, and event organized by the university. You cannot imagine all the opportunities that you can have and the networking that you can increase with IUM.

Favorite memory about IUM?

With all the years spent at IUM, I cannot say only one memory. Every day was an opportunity to learn and to meet new people.