China International Education Exhibition Tour(CIEET)

China International Education Exhibition Tour

Source: China International Education Exhibition Tour(CIEET)

China International Education Exhibition Tour (CIEET), approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, has been hosted for 20 years in over 20 major cities of China. Since its first series started in 1999, there were more than 2,000 universities and institutions from 55 countries and regions joined the exhibition and displayed their educational opportunities to over 1 million Chinese students and parents. As one of the most influential international education fair, CIEET is renowned for its striking features, good quality, and diversified activities.

CIEET has been organizing several stops in each year covering China’s major markets for study abroad and offering diversified activities to support exhibitors to disseminate the information to the students and parents. In addition to the traditional exhibition, the fair provides a number of lectures to introduce government policies about studying abroad including overseas students’ qualification verifications, household registration and personnel record management service for returnees etc. Meanwhile, with supports from foreign embassies in China and local education departments and universities, a series of pre-departure training sessions are also offered for students who wish to study abroad. Based on the needs of exhibitors, CIEET also organizes On-Site Education B2B Meeting during the exhibition. It provides an opportunity for the participants to communicate with their like-minded counterparts.

In parallel with CIEET, China Study Abroad Forum (CSAF) serves as a platform that facilitate dialogues among government officials, specialists, scholars, partners and peers to promote international higher education exchanges and cooperation, which has been recognized as a top level professional study abroad event in China. Since the year of 2004.

Please complete the form and fax to the Organizing Committee. Your application is subject to the approval of Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange and we will submit your application to them upon receipt of this complete form.

Please read all the notes below before making the reservation:

◆ Application deadline: There is no official deadline for booth application as far as there are booths available. However, exhibitor may miss the description entry on the Official Website after the submission deadline.

◆ The application must be made directly from institutions. A copy of the institutions’ authorization letter is required if the domestic agency is entrusted for registration, and the letter must be directly submitted by email from that authorizing institution, fax copy is not acceptable.

◆ A General Booth is usually a linear booth that has three partition walls, or other booth type assigned on a “first-come, first-served” basis by the Organizer in its absolute and exclusive discretion. The standard booth in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou is 3m x 2.5m, in other cities is 3m x 2m. Each standard booth is equipped with basic fittings of space, partition walls up to three sides, fascia board with exhibitor’s name in Chinese and English, information counter, chairs and two lights.

◆ A 25% additional booth rental shall be levied for Corner booth.

◆ An additional 50% levy on booth rental shall be imposed on booth sharing institutions. No more than 2 institutions can share a standard booth.

◆ The exhibitions last two full days in Beijing, one full day in Shanghai, Guangzhou, one half day in Qingdao and Chengdu. Signed-up exhibitors will be provided a detailed itinerary in due course.

◆ Exhibitors are not allowed to carry out any promotion activities (e.g. distributing flyers or other promotion materials) outside their own booths. Promotion activities in passageways are strictly prohibited.

◆ All payments shall be settled in either USD or RMB unless prior consent is obtained. They must be settled by earlier of (a) 14 calendar days from the date of invoice(s) or before February 9, 2020. Any overdue bookings / incomplete payment may be cancelled without prior notice.

◆ All subsequent cancellation requests must be made in writing. No refund shall be made if the cancellation request is made after February 9, 2020 and 50% charge shall be levied if the request is made between December 31, 2019 and February 9, 2020 (both dates inclusive).

The follow is the exhibitor’s particulars:

Note: The Chinese and English Exhibitor Names below will be used in exhibition such as catalogues and booths’ fascia boards etc. Please contact the Organizing Committee before March 1, 2020 should there be any changes.

Note: The 25th CIEET (2020) offers an early bird rate of 15% for the universities registered before 1st September 2019 and an early bird rate of 10% for the universities registered before 31st October 2019 and an early bird rate of 5% for the universities registered before 10th December 2019.

For more information or interviews, please contact China International Education Exhibition Tour.
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