BISU Online Graduation Ceremony for Class 2020

“Today, at this unusual time, you graduate from BISU through this online commencement ceremony, harvesting the fruits of your college studies and starting a brand-new chapter in your life.” On June 18th, the online graduation ceremony for class 2020 was held. Altogether, 2,242 Chinese and foreign students sent online farewell to BISU from their specific homes all over the world. Attending the ceremony were Gu Xiaoyuan, Party Secretary, Ji Jinbiao, Deputy Party Secretary and BISU’s President, Li Xiaomu, BISU’s Vice President. The ceremony was hosted by BISU’s Vice President Zhang Yan. TikTok broadcasted live the graduation ceremony together with CCTV and WEIBO. About 60,000 people, including students, teachers, parents and other people from all walks of life, watched the live broadcast.
When the majestic national anthem sounded, all the teachers and students stood with attention showing respect, all of whom were at their own location, either in school or before their own computers at home. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the graduating students actively responded to the national call and stayed at home, not returning to school. These behaviors fully demonstrated their sense of responsibility of BISU students, displaying the outlook of the new generation.

BISU Vice President, Li Xiaomu, read out the BISU Decisions on the Graduation of Class of 2020. A total number of 574 graduates and 1,668 Chinese and foreign undergraduates have successfully completed their studies. Those patriotic students, equipped with an international vision and hard-working spirit, are determined to shoulder the mission of integrating Chinese culture with foreign cultures through cultivating their wisdom with action.

Chris White, a BISU foreign teacher, delivered a speech in English to all graduates. He was very happy to see them overcome all kinds of difficulties and graduate successfully, which was a valuable asset on their life journey. He encouraged students to be confident and grateful in creating happiness for themselves and others in the future.
Gong Dingjia, a representative of graduates, from the School of Japanese Language, Literature and Culture, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to BISU, saying that youth was brilliant out of trials and tribulations. The “Most Special Graduates”, Class of 2020, will not forget the school motto and devote their youth in the place, where they are most needed by the Party and the people. Wang Ang, a post-graduate representative, from the School of Chinese Culture and Communication, proposed to turn the school motto — “to behave with virtues, to pursue with hardships, to seek after the truth, to compete for the best”, into actual action to practice self-discipline, book reading and capacity building. Younger generations need to shoulder their due responsibilities in order to tell a better story of China to the world. Diallo, an international student representative, from the School of International Education of Chinese Language, extended his deep blessings to his classmates and BISU, where international students fulfilled their dreams, learned how to shoulder responsibilities while acquiring professional knowledge, bringing warmth, security and protection to all of them.
Zhang Yan, BISU Vice President, read out the list of alumni directors for Class 2020, urging new directors to take the responsibility of contacting alumni, jointly promoting the development of a full-fledging alma mater network.
Li Zheng, an alumni representative, working at Huawei’s Russian Office, sent his best wishes to his younger brothers and sisters through video. He shared his experience: how he has utilized his own solid professional knowledge learned at BISU to gradually gain some achievements and honors, starting from an ordinary overseas sales after graduation, which greatly inspired all the audiences.
For a special year of graduates, the ceremony might be similar, but graduation gift was exclusive. In the live lottery, BISU leaderships have prepared special gifts for that exciting moment. Gu Xiaoyuan, Party Secretary, and Ji Jinbiao, BISU’s President, interacted closely with graduates in the message area on online platform. Gu picked out some lucky students to give away Xiaoluan, a special mascot of BISU, and President Ji also selected five lucky students, presenting them with commemorative tickets of “An Appointment with Bro. Biao (BISU’s President)”. With this ticket, graduates can return to school to experience a full day of genuine university life after the epidemic ends and have lunch with Bro. Biao. Then, Deans of 14 Schools or Departments also sent their sincere wishes to graduates on the message platform.

President Ji conducted this “last lesson” entitled “Uncommon Outcome through Common Deeds” to all the graduates. To start with, he expressed his deep congratulations to Class 2020, whom he has missed very much. Class 2020, who came under great pressure at this special time, could shed sweat, laugh heartily and dare to face multiple challenges. Some of them bravely stepped forward to be volunteers in the fight against COVID-19. Every one of Class 2020 was up to the standard set out by BISU’s school motto. He called on them to start their sail into the future, accumulating strength through routine work. When looking back in the future, they will gather in unusual outcome through usual work, and still keep their spirit of youth after experiencing untold hardship.

At the end of the ceremony, the three school leaders on the rostrum waved goodbye to Class 2020 online, sincerely wishing all of them a happy life and a promising future. Then, BISU Graduation Ceremony for Class 2020 came to a successful end.

Year after year, graduates leave BISU to chase after their grand dreams, like wild geese, soaring high into the sky. At this special online Graduation Ceremony, all graduates gathered online through screen to recall unforgettable days and leave a special virtue mark at BISU. With BISU’s blessings and expectations, each graduate will strive hard for an even better and more beautiful future.