2020 China International Education Exhibition Tour (CIEET Online)

China International Education Exhibition Tour
China International Education Exhibition Tour

2020 China International Education Exhibition Tour (CIEET Online) which will take place on 7 and 9 of August 2020.

As one of the key players and leading organization dedicated to services of international education, CSCSE has organized China International Education Exhibition Tour(CIEET)for 24 consecutive years since 1999. It attracted over 2400 universities and institutions from 56 countries to participate the fairs, and the total number of visitors has exceeded 1.47 million. CIEET has been acknowledged as one of the most influential international education events throughout years of intensive brand-feeding.

Reactive to the outbreak of COVID-19 and giving first priority to health and safety of our exhibitors, they cancelled CIEET this March. COVID-19 does not stop them taking proactive measures to mitigate the influence posed by the on-going pandemic. Instead, it serves as catalytic force propelling them to stage this online promotion event.

Online Display

The CIEET Online will be held in the form of online Study in (country name/university name) info-display and live webcast with concurrent exhibitor-viewer interaction. The official CIEET website (www.cieet.com) will be redesigned for this event and open to the public one week before the webcast. During this period, prospective students can view your profile in advance, download brochures, and ask specific questions which will be relayed to you by the CIEET Organizing Committee. The interactive live webcast session is scheduled on 8 and 9 of August. You will have two hours to showcase your academic strengths, introduce policies, strategies and services during and after the pandemic, and interact with targeted students. Following the live event, the CIEET website will remain open for visitors to watch the live playback of the webcast for continued promotion of your organization/institution.

Exhibitor Service

You will be provided high-quality, efficient and professional service throughout the entire process, such as one-on-one technical guidance and support, fully functional live broadcast platform training and testing, multi-channel media exposure, and audience organizing. The event will be extensively advertised via mainstream web portal such as Sina.com (one of the most influential web media in China, with an average daily active users of 80 million) and popular social media platforms such as Sina Weibo and Wechat . As the organizer, CSCSE will give full play to the advantages of media resources for event promotion to attract as many as targeted prospective students, who are dedicated to pursuing study abroad. We believe that you will find this event cost-effective with value-added benefits.

China Study Abroad Forum (CSAF Online)

China Study Abroad Forum (CSAF Online) will be held on 7 August as the prelude of CIEET Online. The forum aims to build up a platform to promote post-pandemic international higher education exchanges and cooperation. By addressing key issues relating to international education and student mobility in the post-pandemic era, the forum brings together government officials, diplomats from the Chinese Embassy, academics and international education professionals to share their views and experiences on effective strategies to overcome common challenges resulted from the global pandemic.
As you may be aware, CSCSE is a national public organization under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, responsible for study abroad consultation and orientation, overseas academic credential evaluation, international students’ talent fair, job-relocation and other related services. CSCSE, in collaboration with some 100 prestigious Chinese universities, has established special-tailored studying abroad training programs for students who are seeking opportunities to study abroad. Through the nation-wide network of CSCSE partner Chinese universities, along with tailor-made media promotion, and most important of all, your close cooperation, they believe this event will serve as an effective synergistic alternative to the on-site CIEET and other face-to-face consultation. They look forward to your active participation in this event. Jointly, they can overcome the unprecedented challenge, revitalize the international education market and rejuvenate continued public confidence in the value of international education.

For more information, please contact CIEET.

About CIEET China International Education Exhibition Tour (CIEET)

China International Education Exhibition Tour (CIEET), approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, has been hosted for 20 years in over 20 major cities of China. Since its first series started in 1999, there were more than 2,000 universities and institutions from 55 countries and regions joined the exhibition and displayed their educational opportunities to over 1 million Chinese students and parents. As one of the most influential international education fair, CIEET is renowned for its striking features, good quality, and diversified activities.

CIEET has been organizing several stops in each year covering China’s major markets for study abroad and offering diversified activities to support exhibitors to disseminate the information to the students and parents. In addition to the traditional exhibition, the fair provides a number of lectures to introduce government policies about studying abroad including overseas students’ qualification verifications, household registration and personnel record management service for returnees etc. Meanwhile, with supports from foreign embassies in China and local education departments and universities, a series of pre-departure training sessions are also offered for students who wish to study abroad. Based on the needs of exhibitors, CIEET also organizes On-Site Education B2B Meeting during the exhibition. It provides an opportunity for the participants to communicate with their like-minded counterparts.

In parallel with CIEET, China Study Abroad Forum (CSAF) serves as a platform that facilitate dialogues among government officials, specialists, scholars, partners and peers to promote international higher education exchanges and cooperation, which has been recognized as a top level professional study abroad event in China. Since the year of 2004.