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“Turning cultural objects into digital installations intrigues me”

Alexander Rusnak is a second-year student in the Master of Science in Digital Humanities program, offered by the Digital Humanities Institute in EPFL’s College of Humanities.

Antiviral textiles and vertical farming

In 2020, 34 spin-​offs were founded at ETH Zurich, with a striking proportion in the areas of AI and sustainability.

HSG defends its top ten position in the Financial Times ranking...

The European Business School Ranking consolidates four individual rankings published by the Financial Times over the course of a year and reflects the all-round strength of a university.

Do robots make us happier?

The use of smart products is on the rise in Switzerland, as the Smart Products Report from the Institute for Customer Insight of the HSG (ICI-HSG) recently showed.

Light, strong, and affordable

Through his ETH Pioneer Fellowship, Christoph Schneeberger is developing a process that enables more efficient production of fibre-reinforced plastics.

Vitamin D and Omega-3s Bolster Health in Some Active Older People

The DO-HEALTH study led by Zurich-based geriatrician Professor Heike Bischoff-Ferrari has examined the effects of simple measures on the health of healthy adults aged 70 or older.

A new candidate material for Quantum Spin Liquids

Using a unique material, EPFL scientists have been able to design and study an unusual state of matter, the Quantum Spin Liquid.

Back to the future of climate

Hot and humid: Using minerals from ancient soils, ETH researchers are reconstructing the climate that prevailed on Earth some 55 million years ago.

Friedrich-Karl Thielemann receives renowned astronomy award

Friedrich-Karl Thielemann, professor emeritus of theoretical physics at the University of Basel, receives the Karl Schwarzschild Medal 2020.

Scientists create artificial human retinas

Scientists have succeeded in growing accurate replicas of human retinas that can be used to pinpoint the specific types of cells affected by genetic eye diseases.
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