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The green city of the future

The Netherlands is urbanising. It is becoming increasingly important for city-dwellers to live happily and healthily. Simultaneously, we must preserve nature and adapt to climate change.

Advisory report outlines opportunities for Amsterdam metropolitan region after the COVID...

The COVID-crisis has affected Amsterdam and the metropolitan area disproportionally: substantial unemployment, 5-10 months of backlog in children’s education...

Regenerative heart valves and blood vessels a step closer

A number of years of careful laboratory tests have now led to the first pre-clinical tests of implantable biodegradable heart valves and stents.

Majority of Dutch people not lining up for COVID-19 vaccine

An effective and safe COVID-19 vaccine is on the horizon. Still, a majority of people in the Netherlands say they’d rather not take a vaccine as soon as it becomes available, but wait instead.

Alliance of top universities urge G20 leaders to prioritise net zero...

An international coalition of leading climate research universities, including TU Delft, has issued its first declaration ahead of the G20 Summit on 21 and 22 November 2020.

Higher-educated and obese people eat less healthy during lockdown

Most Dutch people did not change their diets during the first Covid-19 lockdown, but more overweight and obese people said they ate less healthily...

Underwater noise affects marine animals’ relationships But to what extent?

Human activity at sea makes a terrible racket. To what extent does this disturb marine animals? PhD candidate Annebelle Kok studied the effect on harbour porpoises...

Height in humans is genetically similar to height in cattle

There is a strong evidence for similarity in the biology of height across humans and cattle, as 39% of the genes associated with height in cattle were also found to be associated with height in humans.

Face to face learning is here to stay

Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands has decided to buck the trend of schools running to tech, they believe face-to-face teaching is vital...

Rising infections: how is the University responding?

The infection rate is rising again in the Netherlands, which means it may also be rising among Leiden University’s students and staff.
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