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Covid-19 research receives 8.4 million francs in national funding

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) supports fifteen Bernese Covid-19 research projects totalling 8.4 million Swiss francs.

Electron movements in liquid measured in super-slow motion

Electrons are able to move within molecules, for example when they are excited from outside or in the course of a chemical reaction.

Long Neck Helped Reptile Hunt Underwater

For over 150 years, paleontologists have puzzled over Tanystropheus, its strangely long neck and whether it lived mostly underwater or on land.

Education Without Borders: International Summer Schools

The UZH International Summer Schools for Bachelor’s and Master’s students from around the world are currently taking place for the third time....

Counting wheat heads for more ecology

To Achim Walter it’s clear: the budding artificial intelligence will decisively advance agroecology. But before we can harvest the fruits of AI, computers still have a lot to learn.

MCI is Proud to Join the Edropean University Ulysseus

The European Union finances the establishment of 24 European Universities | MCI | The Entrepreneurial School ® as part of the European University UlyssEUS, is one of the successful winners of a 5 million euro start-up fund.

Where are the robots?

Where have all the robots been hiding during the COVID-19 crisis? An opinion piece by J. Jesse Ramírez, Assistant Professor of American Studies and co-coordinator of the Technologies concentration at the HSG.
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