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Singapore: The Top Destination for International Students

Singapore has emerged as a leading destination for international students seeking higher education. With its world-class education system and vibrant multi-cultural environment...

Four NUS faculty members recognised by the Association for Psychological Science

Professor Sam Yam Kai Chi, Head of Department of the NUS Business School and Associate Professor Eddie Tong from FASS’ Department of Psychology have been appointed as APS Fellows for their sustained outstanding...

NUS College celebrates official launch

NUS College, Singapore’s first honours college, celebrated its official launch at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

FASS hosts over 300 students from the region at Global Youth...

More than 300 students from secondary schools and pre-university institutions discussed global developments and issues at the Global Youth Leaders’ Summit (GYLS) hosted by the NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS)

Chatbots can help treat symptoms in people with depression

Clinician scientists from NTU Singapore have found that mental health chatbots are able to effectively engage people with depression in empathetic conversations and assist in the treatment of their symptoms.

NUS historian Asst Prof Jack Chia elected Fellow of the Royal...

NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) historian Assistant Professor Jack Chia has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society (RHS) “in recognition of his contribution to historical scholarship”.

Building a regional marine research nexus centred in Singapore

As Singapore’s marine science community celebrates 20 years of prolific research on St John’s Island, the St John’s Island National Marine Laboratory gears up to play a larger regional role in marine science.

Stress response in cells key to slow down ageing: Study

NTU Singapore scientists have found that a stress response in cells, when ‘switched on’ at a post-reproductive age, could be the key to slow down ageing and promote longevity.

Standard for AI security in Singapore launched

Answering the call to protect the integrity of AI programmes and create trust in AI solutions, a team of NTU Singapore researchers and AI industry leaders has launched a new standard on AI security.

NUS University Professor Tan Chorh Chuan among three top recipients at...

NUS University Professor Tan Chorh Chuan, along with Mr Gopinath Pillai, Senior Advisor to the NUS Institute of South Asian Studies, and Mr Lee Tzu Yang, a member of the S R Nathan Fellowship Committee at the NUS Institute of Policy Studies...
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