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New cryo-electron microscopy facility to tackle critical research issues

A Nobel prize-winning technique that underpins worldwide efforts to understand and treat diseases, and develop new drugs and medical therapies...

$1m in funding for project to cull mouse plagues

South Australian researchers are set to use genetic tools to help find innovative solutions to the devastating mouse plagues that have caused massive economic damage to Australian farmers.

Tropical coral species at extreme risk from climate change, new study...

New Curtin University research has found that the coral species living on the pristine reefs in Western Australia’s Kimberley and offshore regions will be in danger of disappearing or moving south to cooler waters, if urgent action is not taken to address climate change.

A trip into the therapeutic potential of Australia’s native magic mushrooms

Australia’s first legal, living collection of native magic mushrooms is being studied by scientists in a Brisbane laboratory to help identify characteristics that might be useful for medical research into psychedelic treatments.

WA boldly goes where no West Aussie spacecraft has gone before

As we approach the 60th anniversary of astronaut John Glenn dubbing Perth the ‘City of Lights’ on his orbit around the Earth in Friendship 7, WA is once again shining bright in space, with the first step in an ambitious journey to reach the Moon by 2025.

Honeyeater evolution for high sucrose diet

Scientists have long suspected the digestive systems of nectar-eating birds, such as honeyeaters, co-evolved with the nectar-composition in flowers.

Curtin students named among best and brightest at Premier’s awards

Two outstanding Curtin University students and a leading science outreach program for children have been crowned winners at the 2021 Premier’s Science Awards.

Women Undergraduates Win Defence Scholarships

Five women undergraduates from the University of Adelaide have won scholarships to help them continue their science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)-related studies.

Meeting demands for speech pathologists in the Top End

A new speech pathology course at Charles Darwin University (CDU) will train more professionals to help Territorians with communication disabilities to better communicate and achieve life goals.

UWA scientists recognised in Premier’s Science Awards

A researcher from The University of Western Australia whose work has paved the way for cleaner, sustainable energy production to meet the need of future generations...
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