Friday, August 12, 2022
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The strange mechanics of pregnancy in one Australian shark

Biologists have long been fascinated by reproductive diversity in sharks, but haven't yet figured out why some sharks have placentas and others don't.

New game shows how animals choose their mate

A challenge to bring fun and creativity to the classroom has sparked an ambitious side-project for one researcher at The Australian National University (ANU).

Six steps to crowdfunding success for entrepreneurs

New research has found crowdfunding entrepreneurs should follow a number of steps to generate trust with investors in order to realise the full potential of crowdfunding.

Funding support to discover ways to block the migration of T-cells...

University of Adelaide Research Fellow, Dr Iain Comerford has secured funding from Multiple Sclerosis Australia to further his research into the factors that influence specific immune cell (T cell) migration into the bloodstream and the brain in people who have MS.

Curtin researcher the first Australian to receive Houtermans Award

Leading Curtin computational chemist Dr Raffaella Demichelis has been named the 2022 recipient of the prestigious F. G. Houtermans Award for her outstanding research contributions.

Two-thirds of Australia has lost its unique birdlife

Researchers have revealed that threatened birds have disappeared from almost 70 per cent of Australia since European colonisation.

Treatments that induce peanut allergy remission in children discovered

Researchers have discovered two peanut allergy treatments for children that are both highly effective at inducing remission.

New research puts bugs to the taste test

Researchers at the University of Adelaide are embarking on a new study to develop more accurate and consumer friendly descriptions for one of the most sustainable and high protein food sources on the planet, edible insects.

Natural mineral may reverse memory loss

Selenium – a mineral found in many foods – could reverse the cognitive impact of stroke and boost learning and memory in ageing brains, according to University of Queensland research.

How to stay safe and play fair online

A new research partnership between UTS and NSW Police is exploring digital technology’s role in youth offending.
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