Weaving wisdom into a resilient future for Pacific students

Te Kunenga ki Pūrehuroa Massey University is pleased to present the ‘Weaving Wisdom into a Resilient Future 2024-2027 Pacific Plan’, a new student success plan that is guided by a Pacific lens.

Pacific Massey

The Pacific Plan 2024-2027 is shaped by the university’s four strategic pillars: research, teaching and learning, people, and connection, collective priorities for Pacific Massey. These pillars align with four cross-cutting themes: sustainability and climate action, entrepreneurship, civic leadership and global engagement, resonating strongly with Pacific values and aspirations.

Located in Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa, the university holds a unique position and connection with Pacific peoples in Aotearoa New Zealand and across all Pacific Island nations and territories.

Dean Pacific Student Success Professor Palatasa Havea says using weaving as a metaphor throughout the plan signifies the university’s commitment to student support and success.

“The Tongan proverb, ‘Papata pē ka na’e lalanga – It may be coarse in texture, but it was woven well,’ captures the essence of the document.

“Weaving speaks to Pacific life, reflecting physical, social, cultural and spiritual dimensions. Preparation for weaving involves cultivating, harvesting, and processing raw materials, laying the groundwork for transformation. These well-woven graduates, much like their woven counterparts, contribute to scholarship, knowledge, innovation, and leadership with purpose and resilience, serving as pillars of their communities and beyond.”

Just like different materials help weavers in various ways, the plan introduces the concept of Pacific Massey, signifying the coordinated effort among all colleges and service units at Massey University to enhance the educational performance of Pacific students.

Pacific Massey plays a critical role in the university’s commitment to remove institutional barriers to success and provide targeted support through a five-year strategic initiative called Pūrehuroatanga.

“Pacific Massey is a collaborative effort to assess the unique positionality of our Pacific students. Through working with our recruitment team, we have pinpointed the challenges encountered by Pacific students juggling familial responsibilities. We have realised there is a need to move away from rigid policy applications and focus on offering alternative pathways for our students. Our priority is to continue taking into account the individual circumstances of our students and working closely with them to strengthen their chances of success in tertiary education.”

Pacific Student Success

Pacific priorities and objectives

The Pacific Plan outlines four priority areas and corresponding objectives:

High student aspirations and achievements: The goal is to achieve academic excellence by Pacific students by creating a productive and culturally informed learning environment.

Excellent Pacific Research, High Impact, and Enabling Policy: The aim is to support and encourage excellent Pacific research, aligning with Pacific methodologies and high impact on Pacific communities.

Pacific-inspired organisation: The objective is to enable Massey University to attract, retain, and inspire Pacific peoples and communities by building capacity and capability.

Connected Pacific Peoples: The goal is to weave a network of people and communities that endorse and support Pacific aspirations and successes.

These priorities and objectives outline specific actions, ranging from promoting representation in underrepresented fields, fostering leadership and research roles, providing entrepreneurial opportunities, incorporating Pacific-influenced content in courses, and facilitating holistic outcomes that prioritise community leadership and service.

Director Pacific Student Success Melvin Apulu says these actions involve various departments and units within the university, aiming to create a comprehensive framework for success.

“Massey acknowledges the benefits of investing in and nurturing Pacific students as interns and entrepreneurs, recognising the significant value they bring to the table, both within academia and in broader societal contexts.”

Dean Pacific Student Success Professor Palatasa Havea and Director Pacific Student Success Melvin Apulu.

Future Vision for Massey University

In four years, Massey University envisages a future characterised by a nurturing environment and culture that elevates Pacific student success. This vision includes achieving parity between Pacific students and their peers in terms of participation, well-being, and academic achievements.

The university aims to solidify its reputation for supporting Pacific research and lead in Pacific teaching and research at regional, national and global levels.

“The Massey University Pacific Plan 2023-2027 is a bold step towards creating a brighter and more inclusive future for Pacific students, emphasising the importance of weaving wisdom, culture, and knowledge into their educational journeys,” Mr Apulu says.

Full access to the Weaving wisdom into a resilient future 2024-2027 Pacific Plan is available on this page.